76% of Businesses Use Email for Event Marketing [New Data]

Melissa Miller
Melissa Miller



event marketing dataHubSpot and Constant Contact recently partnered to release Fascinating Event Marketing Stats, an insightful, data-filled ebook on how businesses conduct marketing for their live events. The research is based on the survey results of more than 900 respondents from a mix of businesses (B2B, B2C, and nonprofit). One of the key findings was around which tactics marketers rely on most...and what they rely on least.

Participants were asked to share, “Which of the following methods or locations do you currently use to market or promote your events?”

The results revealed that:

  • On average, businesses use 5.5 different methods to promote their events.
  • 'Email marketing' was most frequently cited; 76% use email.
  • 'Word of mouth' and 'website' were the 2nd and 3rd most frequently cited.
  • 47% still mail postal invitations.
  • 46% still call individuals by telephone.
  • 40% of respondents used social media sites.
  • Only 11% use blogging for event marketing.
  • Less than 10% use TV and radio ads.
  • Less than 7% use magazine ads.
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Marketing Takeaway:

These results show an interesting mix of usage of both inbound and outbound tactics. Although over 50% of marketers indicated they use their website, a surprising percentage of marketers continue to use labor intensive tactics, like postal mail and phone calls. These methods are not only outbound clutter and interruptions, but they are also more expensive. HubSpot’s "2011 State of Inbound Marketing Report" revealed that inbound tactics are not only more effective than outbound tactics; they are also 62% less expensive. The report also showed trends that indicate marketers are gradually shifting their budgets from outbound methods to inbound.

What methods have you found are most effective for marketing your events? Are you incorporating more inbound tactics into your event marketing strategies?

Download our newest ebook for even more fascinating event marketing stats!


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