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With the end of the year upon us, inbound marketers need to boost the performance of marketing campaigns in order to achieve full, year-end growth. Using Bing as part of that strategy might not normally make marketers' lists of top choice tactics, but with a 30% market share, it's not really something you should ignore. Yesterday, we discussed 6 reasons to use Bing for paid search, and in this article, we'll provide you with 5 additional reasons why Bing is great for improving organic search results, too.

1. Improved Webmaster Tools Crawl Settings

Bing's Crawl Setting feature has been upgraded so users can set the crawl faster during peak business hours and slower during off-peak hours. There are also some useful drag-and-drop functionality improvements.

bing crawl settings

2. A Rewritten Index Explorer for SEO

Bing has completely rewritten the Index tracker backend and, among other changes, new sites will have access to Index Explorer data the moment they sign up. This update focuses on:

  • Freshness
  • Performance
  • Extensibility
  • Reduced machine footprint
  • Stability and failure detection

3. Helpful Search Dashboard and Data Export Feature

The Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard contains key statistical data and chart data about your site’s performance in search. Pointer icons indicate the trending and stat categories. You can also export and download the data to a .csv file.

4. User and Role Management Webmaster Tools

Often, a website has multiple contributors. One of the great features of Bing Webmaster Tools is that site owners can now grant better access to other users for their site with administrative, read and/or write, or read-only access. There is also the option of providing users with partial access to just some sections of your site, such as sub-domains or folders.

bing registery

5. Self-Help Guides

New, detailed self-help guides provide how-to documents to cover a wide range of topics that go beyond how to use Bing Webmaster Tools and include recommendations on SEO, link building, redirects, and more. Visit the Bing Webmaster Tools Help Page or the Official Bing Webmaster Blog, or learn more about Bing's Webmaster Tools in this free guide.

Have you used Bing for organic search? What other reasons do you have for using Bing in your organic SEO strategy?

This a guest post written by Donald Nosek, VP business development at ymarketing, a full service digital marketing agency and sponsor at this year's HubSpot User Group Summit.

Image Credits: Manuel Iglesias and TechNet


Originally published Sep 14, 2011 8:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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