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September 13, 2011

Twitter Introduces Free Twitter Web Analytics Tool

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Ever get a hankering for some Twitter web analytics? Well, it looks like your craving is about to be satisfied. Twitter announced today that it will be releasing its own official Twitter Web Analytics tool, which is aimed at helping website owners understand how much traffic they generate from Twitter as well as the effectiveness of Twitter integrations on their websites.

Before now, Twitter users not already using integrated analytics platforms haven't had a very accurate understanding of how well their activity on Twitter is driving traffic to their websites and content.

We sort of knew this was coming. The availability of Twitter's new Web Analytics tool has been largely due to its former acquisition of BackType, a social analytics platform, back in July.

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Twitter's analytics platform will offer three main advantages to marketers:

  1. How much of your website content is being shared on Twitter
  2. How much web traffic Twitter generates for your website
  3. How effective your Tweet Button integration is

While the tool is still currently in beta and only available to certain Twitter partners, Twitter's plan is to roll out the feature to all users in the next few weeks. Twitter has also indicated plans to release a Twitter Web Analytics API for developers to incorporate the feature into their own products.

Why Marketers Should Rejoice

For inbound marketers, analytics should be an important part of their inbound marketing processes. Understanding what is working -- and what isn't -- is a helpful way to determine which tactics you should stop doing and which ones you should improve or keep doing.

Social media participation is no different. Marketers need to know which social media sites are generating results, and analytics are a helpful indicator of this. Twitter's new Web Analytics tool will prove helpful for marketers seeking to justify and understand the impact their Twitter presence is having on their marketing efforts. Furthermore, with this reliable data soon available in API form, more marketing analytics platforms will be even smarter, providing even more powerful data to marketers.

What do you think of Twitter's latest announcement?


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