twitter mobileThe latest data on mobile phone usage is out, and the numbers show that mobile isn't slowing down. And where inbound marketing is concerned, some of the key mobile data centers around how people are using their phones to access content and social media.

MarketingCharts' mobile research has found that people are increasingly using their mobile phones to access content on browsers, apps, and social networks:

  • In March 2011, nearly 39% of US mobile subscribers were browsing the internet using their mobile device. That's up by 2.2 percentage points from just 3 months prior.
  • Mobile apps are almost as popular as browsers; 37% of subscribers used downloaded apps.
  • Subscribers are also increasingly using social networks on their phones. In March, 27.3% indicated they used a social network on their mobile phone, up from 24.7% just 3 months prior.
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  • 43% of Twitter users access their Twitter account via their mobile phone.
  • In contrast, Facebook had fewer users on mobile at 34%.
  • The lowest mobile usage was seen among LinkedIn users. Only 9% of LinkedIn users access the network on their mobile device.

These results show that, although the LinkedIn community isn't accessing LinkedIn on their phones, the opposite is true for Twitter. Twitter users are using the network via mobile in huge numbers, and it's likely this percentage will continue to grow.

Marketing Takeaway

Are you yet convinced that a mobile strategy should be part of your inbound marketing mix? With more and more of your target audience using mobile devices on a daily basis, you can't afford not to incorporate mobile marketing into your strategy. Start by optimizing your website and emails for mobile devices. Then, consider other mobile tactics to leverage local search, location-based marketing, and the use of mobile applications.

Furthermore, the mobile Twitter data cited above specifically is great news for inbound marketers. It means that Twitter's popularity on mobile makes it an excellent platform for sharing content and watching it quickly spread!

Have you incorporated a mobile strategy into your marketing mix? If so, consider using Twitter to reach your mobile audience!

Photo Credit: Johan Larsson


Originally published Sep 23, 2011 1:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016


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