The Painful Truth About Outbound Marketing Kittens [Humor]

Sarah Goliger
Sarah Goliger



Kittens are so darn cute and fluffy, so it's not hard to understand how they could convince people do stupid things. Outbound marketing is one of them. Sure, on the outside -- just like kittens -- outbound marketing seems harmless. It's the way businesses have approached marketing for years, and it's all many marketers know how to do. 

But what about that other school of thought regarding kittens, which refers to those fluffy little balls of fur as "evil with a cute face"? They're maniacal. They're deceptive. They're just plain evil. The same school of thought can be applied to outbound marketing. Seemingly harmless on the outside, but evil and deceptive on the inside. It's expensive and ineffective, and it doesn't take advantage of how people make purchasing decisions today.

Now, while we may not be as cute as kittens are, we inbound marketers are definitely smarter. We know that outbound is evil and that inbound marketing is the best choice for driving traffic to our websites and generating leads for our businesses.

It seems that these outbound marketing kittens are just downright tricksy...

outbound kitten 1 resized 600 outbound kitten 2 resized 600 outbound kitten 3 resized 600 outbound kitten 4 resized 600 outbound kitten 5 resized 600 outbound kitten 6 resized 600 outbound kitten 7 resized 600 outbound kitten 8 resized 600 outbound kitten 9 resized 600

Don't let these cute kittens convince you to fall for outbound marketing. Come know better than that.


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