How Traditional Industries Are Adopting Inbound Marketing [Marketing Update]

David Guerrera
David Guerrera



Special guests Brian Whalley and Janet Aronica hosted last week’s episode of Marketing Update. Brian and Janet discussed new LinkedIn company features, Steve Jobs, rooftop QR codes, the state bar of Wisconsin encouraging inbound marketing, and how few marketers target US Hispanics with Spanish-speaking Facebook pages. 

New LinkedIn Company Features

Brian and Janet explained how the newly released LinkedIn company status updates are useful for B2B companies to engage with their networks. Now businesses can control which employees are able to post updates that appear on their company LinkedIn page. This is a great new method of sending updates and content to fans and friends without requiring them to join a LinkedIn group. Remember that your company’s LinkedIn profile should have its own unique personality and presence to help it stand out from competitors on LinkedIn.  

Marketing Takeaway: Start increasing your company page's LinkedIn following so you can reach more members of the LinkedIn community with your updates. Learn how to get started using LinkedIn's company status updates for marketing here.

State Bar of Wisconsin Encourages Inbound Marketing

Many law firms and lawyers are creating free online content that informs potential and existing clients of important changes in the law, and at the same time promote these specific lawyers. These law firms understand the importance of updating their audience with content that they're searching for online. This strategy will definitely help law firms get found by potential clients if the timing is right and the content is valuable and accessible.  

Marketing Takeaway: Creating content and utilizing inbound marketing strategies can benefit any business, no matter what industry. Even industries that have been slow to adopt new inbound marketing tactics are finding that they can be a powerful business marketing tool. If you're not using inbound marketing already, get started today. The internet is your oyster.


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