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10 Things I Hate About ... Advertising

If you're a sucker for romantic teenage movies, you must have seen the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. We decided to put a fun inbound marketing spin on this film's title and list the 10 things we hate about ... advertising!

There are definitely things about advertising that drive us crazy: the constant interruption, the obtrusive pop-ups, the stock photos of happy models, all the direct mail, etc. We've captured our top 10 annoyances in the slideshow below:

There are definitely some smarter uses of advertising that can complement your inbound marketing strategy. For instance, try using contextual paid search or experimenting with targeted Facebook ads. But for the most part, businesses throw money at ineffective forms of advertising with the hope that it will solve their marketing problems. In fact, the only thing this practice is effective at is adding to the list of things consumers hate about advertising. It's time to move on and spend more of your time and effort on inbound marketing tactics -- don't you think? You'll likely save some money along the way...