Inbound Marketing Lessons From Dr. Pepper [Marketing Update]

David Guerrera
David Guerrera



On this week’s Marketing Update, Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe discuss BREW Bus, Google’s hypocrisy, Dr. Pepper using controversy to get attention, and 50 Cent trading meals for likes.

BREW Boston Kickoff!

Boston Region Entrepreneurship Weeks is a non-profit that has been around for two years and has focused on celebrating and recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit in Massachusetts.  BREW’s goal is to connect and network entrepreneurs in the region. By creating this network, entrepreneurs are able to collaborate, share resources, and educate one another.  

The BREW bus hosts office hours with VCs from New England Venture Capital Association. People attending should bring their business pitches and compete for a golden ticket awarded at a special event on Nov 1st.

Most of the stops will be hosting office hours from 4 – 6 on a first come, first serve basis.


  • Monday, October 24 MassChallenge Awards Ceremony - Office Hours with Victoria Song, Flybridge Capital Partners and Sean Marsh, Point Judith Capital
  • Tuesday, October 25 Microsoft NERD Center - Office Hours with Andrew Parker, Spark
  • Wednesday, October 26 The Boston Globe - Tour of Globe Media Lab, Boston World Partnerships Office Hours, Office Hours with Steve Kraus and Kent Bennett of Bessemer Venture Partners
  • Thursday, October 27 CIC / Venture Cafe - Office Hours with Sean Dalton and Arun Agarwal of Highland Capital Partners
  • Friday, October 27 Cummings Properties - BREW Wrap Up Party and farewell to the Bus! Prizes, gifts and the office giveaway results!

Dr. Pepper Uses Controversy for Attention

Many women are upset with Dr. Pepper’s new social media marketing campaign due to it being specifically targeted to a male audience. The “Ten for Men” are Dr. Pepper’s “Ten Man’ments” which includes,

“THOU SHALT NOT POST FURRY ANIMAL VIDEOS. Exceptions made for beasts fighting to the death and bears destroying idyllic picnic scenes" and “THOU SHALT NOT OMG. If it’s not exploding, it’s not exciting.”

Dr. Pepper’s machismo social media endeavor isn’t the only case where controversial ad campaigns have backfired. EasyJet’s fans were not amused when the company decided to poke fun at their rival British Airways. EasyJet jeopardized their brand’s image after fans expressed that EasyJet’s social media campaign was rude and childish.

Domino’s Pizza took a major risk when they displayed Twitter messages on a ticker in Times Square. There were a few negative comments but overall the feedback was positive.  In the end, 12% of those surveyed gave Domino’s Pizza credit for their brave move which gave customers a positive feeling about the brand.

Marketing Takeaway:

Controversial marketing attracts attention, but can also harm your brand. Use with caution.

50 Cent Trades Meals for Likes

Rapper 50 Cent’s takes a humanitarian approach with his Facebook campaign promoting his new energy drink “Street King”. The campaign begins on World Food Day (Oct 16th) and 50 Cent has stated that he will donate a meal to a hungry child every time someone “likes” the Street King Facebook page.

50 cent is transforming his “brand” and image as an entertainer and becoming a corporate figure by creating this campaign. Everyone will have to wait and see if 50 Cent’s creativity pays off and if he reaches his goal of 1 million “likes”.

Marketing Takeaway:

Be original. Likes are important; find creative ways to attract more likes. 


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