ipadAs adoption of mobile devices grows among consumers, it's important for marketers to keep up with its evolution and know the facts. What are the trends that are shaping mobile usage? Which devices are more popular than others? How is information getting consumed on these devices? What can marketers do to take advantage of these new mobile behaviors?

One type of device that seems to be gaining more and more traction is the tablet computers. The iPad is no longer the only tablet around, and as more and more tablets get released and become more accessible and affordable for consumers, marketers must understand how to leverage their usage in their marketing. A new study and infographic released by Pew Research Center, in collaboration with The Economist Group, reveals some important new tablet statistics every marketer should know.

30 Tablet Usage Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

1. 11% of adults already own a tablet computer of some sort. (Tweet This Stat!)

2. Almost half of tablet users get news on their tablet every day. (Tweet This Stat!)

3. Three-in-ten tablet users say they now spend more time consuming news than they did before purchasing their tablet. (Tweet This Stat!)

4. 77% of tablet owners use their tablets every day. (Tweet This Stat!)

5. Tablet owners spend an average of 90 minutes on them per day. (Tweet This Stat!)

6. 53% of tablet users consume news on their tablet daily. (Tweet This Stat!)

7. 54% of tablet users send email on their tablet daily. (Tweet This Stat!)

8. 39% of tablet users use their tablets for social networking daily. (Tweet This Stat!)

9. 30% of tablet users use their tablets for gaming daily. (Tweet This Stat!)

10. 27% of tablet users use their tablets for reading books daily. (Tweet This Stat!)

11. 13% of tablet users use their tablets for watching movies and videos daily. (Tweet This Stat!)

12. Tablet news users say they prefer tablets over traditional computers, print publications or television as a way to get quick news headlines and to read long-form pieces. (Tweet This Stat!)

13. Approximately two-thirds of tablet users have a news app. (Tweet This Stat!)

14. The majority, or 40%, of tablet news users say they get their news mainly through a tablet web browser (compared to a news app). (Tweet This Stat!)

15. 21% of tablet users get their news primarily through apps. (Tweet This Stat!

16. Just 14% of tablet news users have paid directly for content on their devices. (Tweet This Stat!)

17. A large majority of those who haven’t paid for content are reluctant to do so, even if it’s the only way to get news from their favorite sources. (Tweet This Stat!)

18. 23% of tablet news users get digital access of some kind through a print newspaper or magazine subscription. (Tweet This Stat!)

19. Of those tablet users who haven’t paid directly, just 21% say they would be willing to spend $5 per month if that were the only way to access their favorite source on the tablet. (Tweet This Stat!)

20. Of those who have news apps, 83% say that being free or low cost was a major factor in their decision about what to download. (Tweet This Stat!)

21. 90% of app users went directly to the app of a specific news organization compared with 36% that went to some sort of aggregator app like Pulse. (Tweet This Stat!)

22. 81% of those who went through their browser accessed news headlines via a direct news website (compared with 68% who went through a search engine, and about a third 35% that went through a social network). (Tweet This Stat!)

23. 90% of tablet news users now consume news on the tablet that they used to access in other ways. (Tweet This Stat!)

24. 8 in 10 tablet news users say they now get news on their tablet that they used to get online from their laptop or desktop computer. (Tweet This Stat!)

25. 59% of tablet news users say the tablet replaces what they used to get from a print newspaper or magazine. (Tweet This Stat!)

26. 57% of tablet news users say the tablet takes the place of what they used to get from television news. (Tweet This Stat!)

27. Nearly 9 in 10 (88%) of those who read long articles in the last seven days ended up reading articles they were not initially seeking out. (Tweet This Stat!)

28. 43% of tablet news users now spend more time getting the news than they did before they had their tablet. (Tweet This Stat!)

29. 85% of those who get news on their tablets said they had talked with someone about a long article they had read there. (Tweet This Stat!)

30. 41% of tablet news users say they share news through email or social networking at least sometimes. (Tweet This Stat!)

The Tablet Revolution Infographic

tablet usage infographic resized 600

Marketing Takeaway

Tablet usage, especially for accessing news, information, and other content, will only continue to grow. As a marketer, this makes content creation even more critical. With 43% of tablet news users admitting to spending more time getting the news than they did before they had their tablet, it seems as if there is now more opportunity for marketers to get their content in front of a larger audience.

Furthermore, the rise in adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers also means that marketers must ensure their content is consumable across various devices. Are your website, marketing emails, and other content mobile-friendly? This should be the first setp you take toward leveraging mobile marketing.

Which tablet usage stats surprised you? What marketing insights can you glean from this data?

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Originally published Oct 25, 2011 3:00:00 PM, updated February 01 2017


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