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Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan



kid with headphonesAlways on the go but love you some inbound marketing tips and tricks? You're no longer limited to text. Now you can use the handy dandy Vocalyze widget in this blog's sidebar to listen to our latest blog posts, hands and eyes free! How's that for multimedia accessibility? (In fact, you can even listen to this very post!)

The new Vocalyze App allows you to listen to our blog content with automated text-to-speech streaming. (Note: The app is even available for free in HubSpot's App Markeplace for HubSpot customers to install on their own blogs.)

3 Ways to Listen to This Blog

1. Via the HubSpot Blog: Simply scroll down and click on the Vocalyze widget on the blog's sidebar just below our list of most popular posts. Then choose the article you'd like to listen to, and let your ears take it from there.

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2. Via the Vocalyze Website: Visit, and create an account. From there, you can add the HubSpot Blog to your own playlist (find it under Featured Blogs --> HubSpot Blog). Add other useful blogs to your playlist, too!

3. Via the Mobile App: To truly leverage the benefits of on-the-go HubSpot blog listening, download the Vocalyze mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android users. Then you can access your Vocalyze account and your playlists from anywhere!

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So why on earth would you need to listen to our blog? Four awesome reasons, for starters ...

4 Great Reasons You'd Want to Listen to This Blog

1. Listen While You Commute: Got a long commute? HubSpot blog content strikes a healthy balance between the two extremes of listening to Lady Gaga on your way to work and listening to boring, nonfictional books on tape. A nice degree of intellectual stimulation, don't you agree?

2. Listen While You Clean: Cleaning your apartment/house/bathroom/car just got a whole lot more valuable. Now you can learn how to "Retweet the Right Way" while you dust!

3. Listen While You Exercise: What would pump you up during your exercise routine more than listening to a blog article about how to create awesome infographics?

4. Listen While You Bathe: Taking a bubble bath to relax after a long day's work? Light some candles, and fire up the audio version of "A Guide to Marketing Automation."

In all seriousness, there are a ton of great reasons why you'd want to listen to the HubSpot blog. Whether you're visually impaired, on the go, or constantly busy doing a million different things, the Vocalyze App enables you to stay on top of all the great inbound marketing blog content HubSpot has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your headphones and a dustpan and brush, and listen while you work!

What do you think of the new app?

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