LinkedIn Launches Dramatically Improved Version of LinkedIn Events

Corey Wainwright
Corey Wainwright



Event marketers are under tremendous pressure to show ROI around the events they organize and attend. Luckily, LinkedIn has just made it easier to help marketers decide which industry conferences are good matches by launching a revamped LinkedIn Events, the newest version of which was released today with exciting new features.

Let’s take a look at what’s new and improved with LinkedIn Events, and how it will make your life as an event marketer easier.

Personalized Event Recommendations

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Why event marketers should be happy:

  • With a better gauge on an event’s audience, you’ll be able to make a stronger case for or against event attendance before you register, not to mention developing more targeted goals for the event.
  • More people will be aware of the events that you’re hosting.
  • You’ll likely see a more relevant audience in attendance.

Better Search and Visibility          linkedin events search

Now when you log in to LinkedIn, you’ll see events as part of your regular feed, so it’s easier to scan your homepage and see new events as they pop up. Just as the LinkedIn Events recommendations provide tailored results based on profile information, you can actively search for events using time, industry, and location-based filters. The cherry on top is the ability to customize a logo for your event and URL generated for your event to make sharing even easier during your promotions.

Why event marketers should be happy:

  • By making it easier to search for and stumble upon events, event marketers don’t have to fear they’re the last one to the party.
  • No more getting hounded by your boss for not hearing about an event.
  • No more panicked, last-ditch efforts to get a booth together or find a speaker for somewhere you just have to exhibit and present.

Networking Recommendations

linkedin events networking recommendations

Why event marketers should be happy:

  • Instead of trying to shake as many hands as possible in the hopes of meeting those few key people or prospects, you can identify who you’d like to meet in advance and be prepared for your conversation.
  • If you’re the one hosting an event, just think of how much your attendance will boom if people see an industry heavyweight is attending your event!

Along with other cool LinkedIn Events updates like Google Maps integration, status updates when you RSVP for an event, and identifying your role as a speaker or exhibitor, LinkedIn Events should act as another tool to help event marketers research their options and yield greater ROI at the events they choose to host and attend.

What do you think of LinkedIn's revamped Events feature?

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