4 Types of Calls-to-Action You Need for Marketing Success

Magdalena Georgieva
Magdalena Georgieva



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Calls-to-action (CTAs) are important triggers for your success with internet marketing. But how do you pick the right ones?

You should incorporate a mix of CTAs that spans across different stages of the sales cycle. The more CTAs you build, the more opportunities you create to convert visitors into leads. What is more, the sheer quantity of calls-to-action provides you with valuable data around their performance. Collect these insights, and optimize your strategies for maximum lead generation . Let’s start with the fundamentals!

1. Create CTAs for Well-Performing Offers

First, look at your analytics , and find the offers that have traditionally performed well for your company. One good indicator of an offer’s success is its landing page 's visitor-to-lead conversion rate. This metric tells you how many of the people who have seen the page decided it was worth filling out the form to get access to the resources it provides. It illustrates both the appeal of your offer and the demand for it. If the historical conversion rate is high, then the chances are it will keep performing well in the future. So pick your top marketing offers, and start creating CTAs based on them.

2. Create CTAs for High-Quality Offers

If you are a company that generates leads, you probably have some differentiation across your marketing offers. Some of them, like ebooks and videos, are low-commitment, light-touch, and highly compelling. Others, like product demonstrations and sales consultations, require higher commitment and are less compelling. The latter, however, are more tightly related to the bottom of your sales funnel and thus are considered more valuable in terms of qualifying prospects and driving business results. You want to expose people to these types of offers in order to push them further down the sales funnel. So pick a few high-quality offers, and start creating CTAs based on those as well.

3. Create CTAs Based on Behavior

CTAs based on previous behavior are built by taking the information you know about your prospects and making educated guesses about what they want to see next. In this way, you engage them further with your assets and keep them on your website. Most importantly, such education helps to better qualify prospects, nurture leads , and turn them into evangelists.

4. Create CTAs for Upcoming Campaigns

You should also start creating CTAs related to your upcoming campaigns, such as events and contests. For instance, if your annual conference is coming up in a few months, you should drive traffic to the respective registration page from your other assets (business blog, social media, paid ads, etc).

What are some other effective calls-to-action you've been creating?

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