It's almost impossible to believe that 2011 is so close to being over. Tons of great things happened in the world of marketing this year, one of which has been the creation of some awesome infographics that help provide valuable education and insight into the world of inbound marketing.

While the web is full of some really great marketing infographics, we decided to limit our list to just 10. Check these out for a visual look at inbound marking in 2011.

The Top 10 Marketing Infographics of 2011

1. Inbound Marketing Rising

Inbound Marketing resized 600

2. The Anatomy of a Fan

Facebook Fan resized 600

3. Top Email Marketing Irritations

email irritations final resized 600 resized 600

4. The Science of Social Timing: Timing & Email Marketing

science of social timing part 2 resized 600

5. Strong Signals

strong signals resized 600

6. The United States of Text Message Spam

Text Message Spam Infographic resized 600 resized 600

7. 100 Million Professionals

linkedin infographic resized 600

8. A World Without Facebook

World without facebook small resized 600

9. The QR Invasion

QR invasion resized 600

10. The Value of Being Linkedin

linkedin value resized 600

What are some of your favorite inbound marketing infographics from the past year?


Originally published Nov 22, 2011 2:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017