Why YOU Are Your Business' Most Qualified SEO Expert

Kirsten Knipp
Kirsten Knipp



Go ahead ... Google your business! Don't be shy -- it's just as important as checking yourself out in the mirror before you leave for a job interview!

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Don't Let Others Do Your Googling for You

We have all Googled our own keywords at one point or another, and as marketers, many of us obsess over getting the highest rankings in the eponymous search engine. But there are still a huge swath of businesses that are letting someone else do their search engine optimization and Googling ... and it turns out, they are leaving money on the table.

Your Customers Search a Variety of Keywords

Let me share a quick story to illustrate the point. Recently, I learned that I am a proud Aunt of my second nephew who was born several weeks early. Hurrah! 

That meant I was driving up for Thanksgiving without time to have selected the perfect baby gift for this premature bundle of joy. Naturally, while coming home from the gym in my native Austin, Texas, I decided to use my iPhone to solve the problem with a local solution. 


So, I pulled up the maps app and typed in "baby gifts 78704" in the search box. 

The results pictured at right are what I got. That's not much. Seriously, Austin may not be Manhattan, but I was dismayed to find only four shops within a three mile radius of downtown.  

"No way," I thought.  

Being a savvy Googler, I altered my search to "baby clothes 78704."  Lo and behold, check out the seven results much closer to my blue dot, several of which were just blocks from my exact location!

Totally Different Results for Such Similar Keywords!


Something you'll notice is that a few of the "baby gift" results are NOT in the set for "baby clothes," though having checked out their websites, I know they sell both.

So, I made my way to Wee, which had just the sort of cute, snuggly gifts I was looking for. When I got there, I told the staffer that I couldn't find their store when I searched for "baby gifts." First, she was incredulous, since they have an SEO firm they work with. Then I showed her, and she was really grateful for the tip.  

Take Control of Keywords & SEO for Your Business

While I may have only given her another keyword to target, what I really hope I did was open her eyes to the idea of taking charge herself. If the Wee team had brainstormed and researched its own keyword list and done just a small amount of SEO homework, including Googling themselves, they'd have a much higher possibility of getting found by shopping aunties just like me!

Make sure you're taking control of your business' keywords. You're the expert about your industry and business, and you likely have a better understanding of the types of keywords and terms your prospects are using to find you. If you hire an agency or an SEO consultant to help with the work, make sure you take part in the keyword research and choose a reputable partner you can trust. It's critical to be on the same page about the keywords your prospects and customers are searching to find you. If not, you could be leaving valuable customers on the table. 

When was the last time you Googled your business ... from your buyers' perspective?

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