Marketing Grader is finally here! With the launch of this revolutionary free tool, we decided to use it to evaluate how the Republican presidential candidates stack up against each other in terms of their marketing prowess.

The beauty of Marketing Grader is that it doesn't only tell you how you're doing with your own marketing; it also allows you to compare yourself to your competition! We compared the Republican candidates using 3 of the more than 30 metrics that Marketing Grader analyzes:

  • Getting the Message Out: How well do the candidates get their audience to spread their messages (and blog articles) via social networks?
  • Popularity: How many supporters do the candidates have when it comes to Facebook fans and Twitter followers?
  • Inbound "Votes": How many inbound links do each of the candidates have pointing to their website? An inbound link is a vote of approval in the marketing world.

Check out the infographic below. Are you surprised by the winners and losers?

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Curious to see how you stack up to your competitors? Get your own Marketing Grade here!


Originally published Dec 6, 2011 1:00:00 PM, updated July 03 2013


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