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December 6, 2011

Coca-Cola Kicks Pepsi's Ass in Marketing Showdown

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Coke vs PepsiYou've seen this fight before: Coke versus Pepsi. And chances are, you have your own taste preference between the two fierce rivals. But this time, it's a different battle. We decided to pair these two heavyweights for a matchup using Marketing Grader, to find out which soft drink does marketing better. The newly launched marketing.grader.com provides an analysis of your whole marketing funnel – and it lets you compare yourself to your competition. So let’s see who comes out on top in this beverage battle!

Inbound Links: Coca-Cola Wins

Coca-Cola throws a powerful punch right from the start, with more than double the inbound linking domains than Pepsi. Over 12,000 sites have links to coca-cola.com, while fewer than 6,000 link to pepsi.com. This a major factor in all marketing competitions, as search engines put serious weight on this metric. Every link to your website is a vote of confidence. In this round, Coca-cola is the decided champ.

Facebook Business Page Fans: Coca-Cola Wins!

Although Pepsi has a strong following with nearly 7 million fans, Coca-Cola has over 36 million fans on its Facebook business page. That’s a difference of over 29 million people. Pepsi, it’s time to step it up! You’re already 0 for 2.

Replying to Followers on Twitter: It’s a Draw!

@pepsi and @cocacola are both fierce competitors in this category. The two beverages both frequently tweet to individuals, rather than blabbing endlessly about themselves. They understand that Twitter is about having a dialogue with others. Nicely done!

Mobile Optimized Website: Coca-Cola Wins!

Looks like we've got a knockout. Coca-Cola.com wins again because it has a mobile version that’s accessible to those visitors using smartphones. (I also visited pepsi.com on my smartphone and, while the site resized to fit my screen, it took a painfully long time to load and did not offer the easy navigation that Cola-Cola did.) Pepsi, you've gotta step it up! 43% of all phones are smartphones, and 87% of them use it to access the internet. And these numbers aren't exactly getting smaller!

coca cola vs. pepsiMarketing Champ: Coca-Cola!

We can't all agree on who wins a blind taste test. But when it comes to marketing, Coca-Cola is the clear champion. It doesn't just take cute cuddly polar bears to make this happen. (Although I'm sure that helps.) It takes a range of smart marketing moves, including generating inbound links, engaging with fans and followers, and making your site accessible across various clients.

How do you think you would do in a battle against your competition?


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