numbersIn the last week, our newest free tool, Marketing Grader has graded the marketing efforts of over 140,000 companies. From this, we have learned all sorts of great things about what marketers are doing right, and what they are doing wrong. Take a look at the 15 remarkable stats below, and share them with your marketing friends!

15 Remarkable Marketing Stats From Marketing Grader

1) Did you grade your marketing yet? Over 140,000 companies have. #MarketingGrader Tweet This!

2) What's your marketing grade? The average grade is 45. Are you better than that? #MarketingGrader Tweet This!

3) Are you measuring your website? Only 69 percent of marketers are according to #MarketingGrader. Tweet This!

4) Do you have a landing page with a conversion form on your site? 49 percent of marketers do. #MarketingGrader Tweet This!

5) Do you have an Apple icon on your website? Only 7 percent of marketers do. #MarketingGrader Tweet This!

6) Does your website have an RSS feed? Only 43 percent of marketers' websites do. #MarketingGrader Tweet This!

7) Do you have a blog? Only 14 percent of companies graded on #MarketingGrader do! Tweet This!

8) Are you rocking a Facebook business page? 56 percent of marketers graded on #MarketingGrader are. Tweet This!

9) How many Facebook business page fans do you have? The average marketer has 203. #MarketingGrader Tweet This!

10) Is your homepage shared on Twitter? 34 percent of homepages have been shared according to #MarketingGrader. Tweet This!

11) How many times has your homepage been shared on Twitter? The median # of shares is 7. #MarketingGrader Tweet This!

12) How many inbound links does your site have? The average site has 9,271. #MarketingGrader Tweet This!

13) How many indexed pages does your site have? The median # of pages is 183 according to #MarketingGrader. Tweet This!

14) Is your website mobile friendly? 14 percent of sites have a meta viewport tag to help mobile viewers. #MarketingGrader Tweet This!

15) Do you have a mobile version of your website? 42 percent of websites do according to #MarketingGrader. Tweet This!

How does your marketing stack up to these statistics? Get your grade at!

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Originally published Dec 12, 2011 11:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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