Kardashian Crushes Spears as Queen of Celebrity Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kim Kardashian is a hot celebrity these days (even though nobody's clear on what her actual talents are). So we'd like to pose the question: How do you think your marketing compares to hers?

Marketing.Grader.com can provide the answer. We pitted Kim against 4 other superstars to find out: Who does it best?

The results were fascinating. Kardashian killed the competition with the top overall score. Lady Gaga and Britney Spears didn't go home empty handed though. They each won in something: Gaga for Popularity and Spears for Connectedness to Fans.

MarketingGrader Celebrity Infographic resized 600

So how did Kardashian win? For one thing, she gets over 2x the amount of web traffic Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber get combined. She's able to get all of that traffic not just because of who she is, but because of all of the content she's creating online. Her site has over 200,000 web pages; that's by far the highest number of pages among this bunch. In comparison, the 2nd runner up, Justin Bieber, has 59,000 pages.

Try Marketing.Grader.com for yourself and let us know: Were you able to beat Kim with your marketing prowess?

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