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8 Great Apps to Make Inbound Marketing Easier [HubSpot Software]

swiss army knife If you’re using HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Software , you’re probably happy to have all your core inbound marketing tools -- Lead Nurturing , Lead Intelligence , Email Marketing , Blogging , Social Media , SEO , Marketing Analytics , and more -- in one place.

But what about all the other stuff? All the tools that aren't absolutely core to inbound marketing but that you use enough to care about.

Turns out many of these tools are now available in HubSpot's growing app marketplace . Here are eight of our favorites:

8 Awesome Inbound Marketing Apps

1. Pay-Per-Click Analysis (Developer: Website Publicity ) -- Google AdWords can tell you a campaign’s click-through rate. And with an additional level of setup, it can tell you the conversion rate on the corresponding landing page. But you still won’t know if those conversions are turning into customers. This app gives you that data, allowing you to focus on the keywords that generate customers. Install PPC Analysis for HubSpot

2. Lead Grader (Developer: Lynton Web Solutions ) -- If you get any kind of lead volume, you need to make sure your sales team is focusing on the leads that are most likely to close. This app makes it easy to do that. In under five minutes, anybody can install the app and set up customer rules to grade their leads. Once the rules are set up, the app starts grading leads, and your sales team can start focusing on the ones that are most likely to close. Install Lead Grader  

3. Content Marketplace (Developer: Zerys ) -- Many inbound marketers have trouble keeping up with the pace of the content creation needed to be successful. The Zerys content marketplace helps solve this problem. It gives marketers access to a skilled pool of freelance writers who can help to create blog articles, ebooks, and whitepapers, all within HubSpot. Install Zerys

4. iReach Blog Distribution (Developer: PR Newswire ) The iReach Blog Distribution App integrates with HubSpot's Blog API by pulling blog posts from within your HubSpot portal and pushing that content through PR Newswire's press release distribution network to thousands of sites. No more cutting and pasting your blog posts all over the place; the iReach app automates the work of transforming your blog posts into press releases. Install the iReach Bog Distribution

5. Marketing Contests (Developer: SnapApp ) -- Most marketers know that quizzes, polls, surveys, and sweepstakes are more likely than your average piece of content to be forwarded and shared with friends and family than static web pages. The SnapApp app in HubSpot allows you to create and measure all of the above from within HubSpot. No more trying to stitch together contests and surveys with a series of different apps. Install the Marketing Contests App

6. Ecommerce - Shopify  (Developer:  Lynton Web Solutions ) -- Using a Shopify Store for your ecommerce? This app will help you get more out of it by connecting the blogging, SEO, email marketing, social media, and analytics you do in HubSpot with your shopping engine. Install the Shopify Ecommerce App

7. Facebook Landing Pages  (Developer: Convert Social ) -- Have a good following on Facebook, and trying to convert it into lead growth? This app will help, allowing you to set up landing pages and calls-to-action in Facebook. Leads collected from the landing pages will populate right into your HubSpot account! Install the Facebook Landing Pages App  

8. Vocalyze Blog Voice Widget (Developer: Vocalyze ) -- As an inbound marketer, you want your content to be as easy to consume as possible. This app takes your blog to the next step -- making it simple for your readers to listen to your blog content created on HubSpot. Check out the app on the sidebar of this very blog for an example. Install the Vocalyze Blog Voice Widget

9. [Bonus] APIs -- Is there something you're trying to do that's not available in the marketplace? No problem! It's easy to build your own apps inside of HubSpot. Learn how