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Have you heard of CrossFit? It's a fitness program that publishes a workout to its website every day. For example, you might wake up any given morning, check out the CrossFit website, and be instructed to do 50 push-ups, 30 squat thrusts, 10 pull-ups, and 80 bicep curls. The premise is that -- though the exercise program isn't tailored to any one individual -- those who are committed to the simple program will enjoy great overall fitness regardless of age, health, or skill level.

We think this approach is transferable to marketing, too. Sure, if you want to be an MMA fighter -- or, say, email marketing specialist -- you would need some specialized training. But if you're managing a marketing program, there are certain activities you can do every day to make sure you maintain a healthy program that delivers results.

So we're going to lay out a marketing exercise regimen that will get a struggling marketing program back into tip-top shape. If you stay committed to performing these activities every day, you'll see drooping numbers turn into rock hard marketing metrics.


  • Read 5 industry articles. Reading industry content not only keeps you informed, but it also often yields content creation ideas. Look for newsjacking opportunities, too, so you can benefit from Google's algorithm update that rewards publishers for being the first to create content around recent events.
  • Share one piece of lead generation content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Social media is an effective lead generation tool that many marketers overlook -- select a piece of educational content and post a brief message to accompany the link to the content's landing page.
  • keyword research toolMonitor your keyword ranking positions. If you're a HubSpot customer, you can use the Keywords Tool to see how you're performing.
  • Write 1 well-optimized blog post. Find a keyword phrase for which you want to improve your listing position -- something that you rank on page 1 or 2 for -- and write a blog post about that topic. Be sure to include the keyword phrase naturally in your copy, as well as in internal link anchor text, the blog title, header tags, the URL slug, the page title, and image alt text.


  • Retweet 3 people. Retweeting others strengthens relationships, increases the likelihood they'll retweet your content, and opens yourself up to another network of followers.
  • Post someone else's content to your Facebook page. Sharing other peoples' content solidifies relationships with people in your network, opens yourself up to new connections, and shows your audience that you're committed to providing helpful content -- no matter the source.
  • Ask 5 customers for reviews/testimonials. 51% of consumers trust third-party reviews more than the opinions of people they know. And 76% of consumers use online reviews to determine which local business to use. Take time to actively pursue acquiring online reviews from your customers -- this blog post will teach you how.
  • Scrub your email list. An unclean email list will severely harm your Sender Score and deliverability. Consult this list of email addresses to remove from your list, and leave the day with a squeaky clean email list.
  • Perform an A/B test on an underperforming landing page. Improving the conversion rate of your landing pages means more leads -- and your A/B test doesn't have to be complex to get you there. We've seen a 21% increase in clicks from just changing the color of a button! Reference our A/B testing guide to learn how to easily perform your own experiment, and see if you can get more out of the landing pages you've already created.


  • Create 1 offer. To keep leads flowing, you have to continue creating offer content. You could write something complex, like an ebook or a white paper -- but if you're strapped for time, we've written a list of lead gen offers you can create that require very little time investment.
  • Ask your Facebook fans a controversial question. The more your fans interact with you on Facebook, the more likely you'll appear in their News Feed due to Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm. Think of a question that will incite discussion among your fans -- and it doesn't have to teeter on the edge of offensive, either. If you work in technology, for example, you could easily incite discussion around, say, the pros and cons of the Android operating system.
  • Follow 10 interesting people on Twitter. You won't get more followers if you don't proactively find people to follow on Twitter once in a while. They make it easy for you, too -- just visit, log in, and find their "Who to Follow" module on the left for relevant recommendations.
  • Find an old blog post that's out of date, update it, and republish it to your blog. I'm not even asking you to write one from scratch today! But you should update your blog again -- just dig back in your archives and find a topic that's still relevant for your audience but could use some sprucing up. Include new data, correct outdated information, and expand on topics about which you've since learned new information for a quick blog content fix.


  • Create a landing page for your offer. Great job creating that new lead gen offer yesterday. But now it needs a home. That's where your new landing page comes in! And if you're a HubSpot customer, you can create a landing page in minutes without calling IT or a designer.
  • Create a call-to-action button for your offer. Now that you have a landing page, you need something to help you promote it successfully. Create a call-to-action button that you can put all over your website to entice visitors to visit its landing page and redeem your offer. If you're struggling to create a call-to-action, reference this ebook that explains everything you need to know to make an effective CTA.
  • Write an email to send out to with your offer. You'll want to promote your new offer via email -- write the email copy you'll use today so the template is ready to go when you start promoting.
  • Write a guest blog post. You don't have to write a post for your blog today, but if you want inbound links (and who doesn't?), guest blogging should be worked into your marketing repertoire. Be sure to research what the websites you're targeting typically write about, and don't duplicate any topics they've already covered. We've also written a blog post about how to be a stellar guest blogger for you to reference.


  • Brainstorm 10 new blog topics. While you're sipping your morning coffee, jot down some ideas for future blog content. You don't need to create a full-fledged editorial calendar -- but having a backlog of blog topics to refer to when you're struggling to come up with something to write about will come in handy. We promise.
  • Take an excerpt of your new offer and use it as a blog post. You don't have to use those 10 new blog topics just yet. In fact, today you get off easy because you can simply take an excerpt from your offer and use that as a blog post! Select one section of your offer that can stand on its own, and preface the post with some copy that explains this is an excerpt from your offer, and provide a link to the landing page on which they can download the full copy. And don't forget to insert that beautiful CTA you designed into the post, too!
  • Post your new offer to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A link to the landing page you created for the offer should go up on your social media accounts, too, so you can generate more leads. Create a compelling tweet/updated to go with it!
  • Segment your email list, and schedule a send for your offer. You have a scrubbed email list and an email ready and raring to go for your new offer. Today, segment your email list and schedule that new email to send. How you segment will depend on the type of offer you've created -- but if you're having trouble deciding, reference this blog post that explains different ways you can segment your email list.

You made it to the end of the week! How do you feel? Considering you have plenty of other marketing tasks clogging up your to-do list -- reviewing your marketing analytics, networking, designing graphics, managing PPC campaigns, talking to vendors, etc. -- you're probably pretty exhausted. But incorporating these inbound marketing activities into your day-to-day will be like giving your marketing a shot of steroids. You'll see both short-term and long-term gains from following a regimen like this -- and if you've implemented closed-loop analytics, you'll see it in the numbers!

Share how your inbound marketing regimen is going in the comments!

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Originally published Apr 9, 2012 9:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016


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