Google Using Humans for Search Results - Good for Your Business

Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe



Today the New York Times wrote an article about how Google is using humans to make some search results better.  This lead to a number of comments on the article itself, and a ton of articles in the blogosphere discussing the topic.  All I want to point out to the readers of this blog is that this is GOOD for all of you.

This means is that Google is dedicated to getting the "right" search results, so much so that they are hiring people to help.  Using humans to help generate better search results will continue to remove spam websites from search results and focus on listing only quality websites in search results.  This will be a blow deal by the humans at Google to the black hat SEO websites and will help make websites that truly have good content rank higher in Google for any given search term. (Read this article for some discussion about black vs white hat SEO.)

To rank high and get traffic, leads and customers from inbound marketing, just focus on the basics of white hat SEO: writing good content, doing on-page SEO and off-page SEO.  Simple and effective.  Doing a good job of white hat SEO is actually good for Google, since it helps them understand what your website is actually about, and helps them more easily deliver good search results, with or without humans.

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