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So you've successfully created an amazing offer that you think will boost your lead generation like whoa. You've launched it on your blog, via social media, and in your email marketing -- and you're watching those conversions climb and climb ... until they eventually plateau.

Wait. That wasn't supposed to happen. Was all that hard work creating your offer for naught? Do the lead generation benefits have to end so soon? They certainly don't, so you figure you need to launch another few rounds of promotion for your offer to get those conversions climbing again -- but how are you supposed to do that without seeming like you're recycling old gifts?

Fear not, readers! There's a way to repromote your offers so the content is still fresh for your audience ... and this post will teach you how.

Repackaging Your Offer Content

Before we get into how to repromote your offer content via various marketing channels, let's talk about how to do a quick rework of your offer content itself. When you can apply little tip, it will help you keep your offer promotion even fresher , you'll likely see better results because you're creating more targeted content, and it amount of work required is pretty minimal.

If you've created an offer -- let's say it's about how to write SEO content -- that could apply to lots of different people. That's great! But, have you ever considered how you could tweak that offer to address the problems of specific segments within your database? For example,  ecommerce companies , B2B organizations, franchises, and international organizations might require slightly different approaches to writing SEO content. Not so radically different that you need to start from scratch! But different enough that if you put a little time into tweaking your original offer, you could actually end up with 5 distinct offers to promote to different segments of your audience!

You could apply this concept to content formats, too. Let's take that offer about how to write SEO content as our example again. Let's say you wrote an ebook about that originally, but some of your audience doesn't take well to long form content of that nature. You could distill the information therein and create a cheat sheet or checklist that appeals to the short-form content junkie. Boom! You just reformatted your offer so you now have two pieces of lead generation content in your arsenal!

This repackaging won't be applicable to every offer you create -- but it's something to keep in mind to help you keep your offer content fresh, and allow you to re-promote those offers without boring your audience with the same old stuff.

How to Re-promote Your Offers on Social Media

Your social media channels are going to be one of your biggest weapons in the continued promotion of your offers. According to bitly , the average shelf life of a tweet is only  2.8 hours . For a Facebook update, that number rises ... but only to a measly  3.2 hours . And while some links can defy the statistics and stay relevant in the social world for a bit longer, you certainly shouldn't bank on it. You'll need to periodically unleash your offers onto your social media networks in ways that don't make your fans and followers think you're just hammering them with the same content over and over. So what rules of thumb should you be following?

First, get used to changing up your language. That incredibly clever tweet you wrote to announce your offer is only clever once. Find a new angle -- and a new value proposition -- to re-promote your offer and grab audiences that weren't compelled to click on your link in previous social updates. Check out these tweets from @HubSpot , for example; they're all promoting the same offer, but in different ways:


HubSpot Tweets

Each of those tweets could appeal to a different audience -- those that are interested in Instagram might click the last tweet, but gloss right over the first two. Your offer is likely valuable for many reasons, so find what those angles are and compose your social media updates based on those multiple value propositions.

You should also experiment with different timing in order to reach a wider audience. If you share your offer at the same time each day, chances are you're hitting a relatively similar audience with each update. So start posting at different time of day, and days of the week (and track the data , of course) to see what works well for your audience. If you're looking for more in-depth information on social media experiments, check out our free webinar about the science of social media .

While doing all this, however, you need to ensure you're keeping a nice content balance. If you're only promoting one offer, no matter how creative you phrase your updates, your audience will start tuning out when they receive that same old link again and again. In addition to the offer you're trying to promote, promote other offers in your arsenal, blog posts, visual content, industry news, other people's content -- you know, all the great content we always encourage you to post! The point of social media is to keep your networks engaged with you, and that's not going to happen if you bombard them with just one type of content, let alone one singular offer over and over again.

How to Re-promote Your Offers on Your Blog

Your blog is a goldmine for offer re-promotion! Let me explain.

Every blog post you publish includes a call-to-action, right? Right. So the more blog content you publish, the more visibility your offers receive! Your readers expect to see a call-to-action that's relevant to the subject of the blog post, so if you're trying to get more visibility for  a particular offer, all you need to do is write more blog posts about that subject matter. Approach it from different angles, too, to tap into what makes different segments of your audience tick.

You should also be linking to your offer through every blog post you write -- even if it isn't directly related to the subject matter of the post. For example, this post is about re-promoting old offers ... but that doesn't mean I won't talk about other concepts tangentially throughout the post! You might remember this little ecommerce lead generation link from earlier in the post, for example:


internal linking


Internal linking not only helps the SEO of the landing page your offer lives behind, but it helps drive traffic from that blog post to your landing page. So as long as your internal link is contextual, there's no reason you can't encourage blog readers to learn more about a particular topic right within the copy of your post!

Finally, you can take excerpts from your offer and use them as blog posts for some serious promotional real estate. This works best for long-form offer content that has several nuggets of information contained within it that can stand on their own as pieces of blog content. For example, you might notice many of our ebooks contain a table of contents that break up the information into more digestible chunks. If you take this same approach to your long form content, grabbing a chapter of that content and repurposing it as a blog post, then explicitly  saying the blog post is excerpted from your ebook (with a link to the landing page in that copy, of course!), is a fantastic way to not only promote your ebook, but to get some quick blog content , too!

How to Re-promote Your Offers in Email Marketing

Email is one of the most direct ways you can reach people who care about your content. And that's great ... when your offer is brand new and you're sending it for the first time. But did you know that, according to Experian , over 80% of email marketers send the same content to all subscribers ? Yikes. That's a surefire way to make your offers stale in a jiffy. When repromoting offers during email sends, there are a few tips to keep in mind (and yes, we do plan to harp on segmentation here so you're not part of that 80% metric!).

First, don't send the exact same email twice. Think about it, if you send out the same email to your mailing list twice, you're sending it to exactly two groups of people: people who already read your email and don't care, and people who already chose not to read or click through the offer in your email. The answer, of course, is segmentation.

Instead of sending out a general email to everyone and hoping your subject line will hook the segment of people who actually want this offer, segment your email list  and include your offer as a component in a segmented campaign. That's where the lead intelligence you've gathered on your list will come in handy. Have the contacts you're emailing this offer to shown an interest in this type of content in the past? Alternately, have you repackaged your offer content like we discussed in the beginning of this post, letting you align your offer to segments of your list based on business type, industry, or another identifying factor? When you approach emailing your offer in this manner, it's much more likely your emails will reach people who actually care about the content.

You don't have to rely on email sends dedicated exclusively to your offer for email marketing promotions. Consider alternate email formats to resurface your offers, like email digests or newsletters. If your company sends out a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly digest or newsletter, you could include a section that highlights the offer you wish to re-promote. It's a simple way to land the offer in the inboxes of your subscribers another time, without bombarding them with another email dedicated to the offer. I bet there are some people on your list who have only subscribed to this type of email, too, so including your offers in your newsletter is imperative for reaching those particular subscribers.

If You Remember Nothing Else ...

Regardless of how you choose to re-promote your offer content, there are two takeaways you should always keep in mind to ensure your audience doesn't feel bombarded by the same content over, and over, and over.

1) Don't repeat yourself . The audience backlash isn't worth the time saved by sending out duplicate emails, tweets, and other content. Those who chose not to interact with your content the first time obviously had a reason -- that's why its critical to find the other angles that make your offer content valuable, and match those value propositions up with the proper segments of your audience in a repositioning of your content. Even though you're not sharing a brand new offer, your copy and context should always be new, so you're giving everyone who sees it a new decision to make!

2) Cross-promote, but not simultaneously. If you send out an email, a tweet, a Facebook update, and a blog post (with links and a CTA!) all at once, people are going to 1) not see everything you sent out, and 2) be incredibly annoyed with you. So don't do that. Use marketing software, spreadsheets, a Google doc -- whatever works best for you -- to schedule your updates in advance and ensure promotion from all of your channels isn't all happening on the same day at the same time, so you don't flood your audience all at once.

How have you found success repromoting your older lead generation offers?

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