The History of the Internet, And Other Marketing Stories of the Week

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Seems like the majority of the American marketing world was away on vacation this week. Whether that means you were reclining in a hammock on the beach or partaking in a BBQ or two with your family and friends for the 4th of July, we hope you enjoyed your getaway from everyday life. (And if you were still stuck in the office, cheers to you, committed marketer!)

Now, instead of scrambling through the 1,000+ unread articles in your Google Reader, let us catch you up on some of the more interesting marketing stories of the week. 

The History of the Internet, In One Pretty Infographic, From Mashable

On Thursday, Mashable published an awesome, interactive infographic on the history of the internet. While not explicitly dedicated to marketing (don't worry -- we've got that one covered here!), the infographic details the rise and evolution of the platform upon which inbound marketing was built. So we definitely recommend spending some time brushing up on your digital history. Take a gander at the infographic here.

Deciphering Earned, Owned, and Paid Views in Video Marketing, From ReelSEO

This one comes to us from ReelSEO. It's an interesting piece about one aspect of video marketing that many marketers fail to consider -- the differences between owned, earned, and paid views in video marketing. While the distinction will make sense to marketers familiar with the different kinds of traffic you can attract from search engines, this article offers a simple explanation for an often overlooked aspect of video marketing. Given how often the buzzwords 'viral video' are used in marketing, it's important to familiarize with these concepts so you can effectively measure the impact of your video marketing efforts. Check out the full story here.

Understanding the Why of SEO, From SearchEngineLand

Shari Thurow of SearchEngineLand goes beyond the execution of successful SEO to discuss the 'why?' of keyword classification in this interesting article. Her focus is on common search query classification mistakes, and how important it is for marketers to consider keyword classifications before proceeding with their SEO strategies. Like the video marketing piece we mentioned above, this too is a well-researched look at a specific aspect of SEO that many marketers probably overlook. Read the complete article here.

Twitter & LinkedIn Break Up, From HubSpot

Last weekend, we covered the public breakup of LinkedIn and Twitter on our blog. Twitter and LinkedIn announced that their partnership, which was forged in 2009 and enabled users to automatically share tweets on LinkedIn, was no more. Speculation about the break-up not being mutual (we've heard rumors that Twitter did the dumping) has flown about the digital world since the break-up was confirmed. Twitter has hinted at more important announcements coming out in the near future, so stay tuned to see how the network asserts its newly-single self! Read the full story here.

Has Social Media Crossed the Chasm? From Business2Community

This last story comes to us from Business2Community, which investigates whether social media has become easier to use over time. To answer this, they took a look at three published surveys of social media practices, relaying the data in crisp infographics. There are some surprising stats included in the results that marketers should all be interested in, so this research write-up is definitely worth a look. Check it out here.

What other interesting inbound marketing stories did you stumble upon this week?

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