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HubSpot May Only Be 6, But Our Marketing Software Is Way More Mature

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It’s not often that we write a post specifically about our software. But today, we're celebrating our 6th birthday. And like any bright-eyed six-year-old, we’re pretty proud of how we’ve grown. Part of that growth has been in the software itself , and that growth has led to what we care most about -- the growth of our customers’ businesses.

HubSpot started out of a desire to help companies leverage technology to get more out of their marketing. We saw, and still see, a lot of challenges in the field:

  • Marketing tactics that interrupt rather than assist prospective customers.
  • A slew of disconnected marketing tools that made for fragmented, impersonal communications.
  • A lack of a clear view into what’s actually driving a return on investment. 

We built HubSpot software as a way to help marketers overcome those barriers. Today, as we celebrate our 6 th  birthday, we wanted to walk you through the thinking behind it.

Using HubSpot to Get Found Online

As it turns out, getting found online comes down to two key things: Being relevant and saying something that matters. So when we built HubSpot, we focused on providing customers with a set of integrated tools that would make that much easier.

Search Engine Optimization

Relevancy means knowing what your prospective customers search for when they first venture online to find a product or service. HubSpot has integrated SEO best practices across our entire suite of tools. So not only do you find them in SEO-focused apps like Keywords , a tool that helps you identify your best  search terms, and Pages , a report that diagnoses SEO shortcomings on your site, but you also get as-you-type SEO suggestions in our blogging tool and a report on how many customers you've generated through search in our marketing analytics.

SEPCO , a solar energy company is one recent example of this. A year after starting with HubSpot, they went from 13th to 1st in the search rankings, moving from page two to the very top of page one for one of their core keywords. 

Page-level SEO

Blogging and Social Media

The other essential component of getting found online is creating useful content and making it easy for your readers to spread it. A user of our own software, we built a blog that adapts to the writer as you type, offering useful suggestions about how to optimize for search and the reader. We also knew that for content to spread quickly, social media had to be built into the entire platform. Marketers shouldn't have to log into a slew of different social tools every time they want to promote a piece of content! So we built in:

  • A social media scheduler with suggested times
  • Auto-sharing and follow-me buttons
  • Reports on social media reach and ROI

Using HubSpot's blogging platform, Weidert Group , a marketing agency, has seen their  blog subscribers increase by 500% .The social media suite of tools enabled FireRock , a manufacturing company, to grow their social reach by 330% in five months .

blogging tool

If you'd like to learn more about how to use HubSpot software to get found online, contact one of our inbound marketing specialists now!

Using HubSpot to Convert More Leads into Customers

You can’t force a conversion any more than you can force someone to pay attention to you.  You have to provide value throughout a prospect's decision-making process. We believe, in the middle of the buying funnel, providing value is all about understanding your leads and adapting to their needs.

Contacts – The Marketing Database

The brain of our software is in the central marketing database, something we call Contacts.  It's where we store the history of every email subscriber, every lead, every opportunity, and every customer. Each individual that you come across has had a different set of experiences with your company, and is at a different stage in the buying cycle. Contacts enables you to tailor communications and create segments based on those experiences, which means your emails will get a lot more relevant and your sales team will have a greater understanding of who is ready to buy, and who needs more time. 


Email and Lead Nurturing 

Because it’s fully integrated into the Contacts database and can be connected to a CRM, you can send emails that reflect the true interests and experiences of your leads. You can even set up a series of lead nurturing emails to warm up your leads over time and adapt to the actions they take.  We've found that   lead nurturing emails generate an 8% click-through rate compared to general email sends, which generate just a 3% click-through rate. 

Each email can be personalized down to the flavor of their favorite ice cream with simple personalization tags. On the recipient's end, the experience is of a company that really knows their interests and gives them only the information they need, when they need it. It also means never sending another irrelevant or unnecessary email to clutter their inbox, because Contacts will automatically opt them out of emails they don’t need.


Marketing Automation Through Workflows

Workflows in HubSpot allow you to have a much tighter understanding of where leads are in their decision-making process. Workflows are essentially a set of rules that will trigger communications or update a lead's profile information based on their behavior over time. Through workflows, you can make sure that you only transfer leads to sales once they’ve hit a certain criteria, freeing up your sales team to focus on only the best leads. 


If you'd like to learn how to use HubSpot software to convert more leads of better quality, contact one of our inbound marketing specialists now!

Using HubSpot to Measure Marketing ROI

Call me a data junkie, but one of the biggest differentiators between HubSpot and any other marketing software out there is the fact that data from every one of your marketing channels are integrated into one master marketing analytics platform . That means you’re able to understand the impact that search has had on a given landing page or campaign, and finally see the number of customers , not just visits , generated through any given channel, like social media or organic search. Because there is a unified stream of analytics under everything you do and that data is tied into your CRM,  your return on investment is crystal clear. 

Scott Johnson, Marketing Specialist at Tufts Medicare Preferred , is using HubSpot's multichannel analytics to get a clear view of what channels are best at delivering leads and customers. He told us,  "The analytics that you can achieve using the HubSpot platform are far greater than anything I've had before. It breaks it down in a much easier way and I believe a more specific way."

sources report

If you'd like to learn more about using HubSpot software to measure and prove the ROI of all your marketing activities, contact one of our inbound marketing specialists now!

Using HubSpot to Unite All of Your Marketing in One Place

Over time, marketers have had to deal with an increasingly complex amalgamation of tools -- SEO vendors for SEO, external blogging platforms for blogging, highly technical marketing automation tools for targeting email communications. None of these disparate tools talked to each other , which made for more and more fragmented marketing and a day-to-day schedule that became more about importing and exporting than about communicating with customers. HubSpot was built to simplify all of that . And because integrating tools together actually makes them smarter, for once, simpler means more powerful too.  

One of our favorite customer stories is from Dan Moyle of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage . Dan credits a lot of their success to the all-in-one nature of HubSpot. "The success we’ve seen with HubSpot would take a dozen people on a team, finding each tool, and all of the instruction/advice/guidance from a dozen separate sources," he said. "Instead of piecing it all together slowly with multiple sources, I get to do it all with fewer people and one platform."

Those are the kind of stories we like best. It's been an incredible six years for HubSpot. We're grateful for the opportunity to look back at all we've built and the customers that have brought these tools to life through their own strategies and hard work.

And, to add a little party to this birthday post ... here's a HubSpot Birthday Mix from none other than HubSpot's DJ David Gallant . We'll be playing it in the office today -- won't you join us? The folks in the next office over will LOVE it.

We could talk about inbound marketing software for days. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to talk about HubSpot software or inbound marketing in general! Thank you for being a reader and supporter of HubSpot.

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