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Heatmaps Show Only 3%-13% of Users See Facebook Ads on Smartphones [Data]


Just last month, we reported on data from 3 of Facebook’s biggest ads API partners that mobile Sponsored Stories were generating more than 13 times the click-through rates of all Facebook desktop ads. Compelling as that data may have been, it was also some pretty early data, considering Facebook had launched the ability to purchase mobile-only ads just 2 weeks before.

So today, when we stumbled across a study conducted by EyeTrackShop, the results raised our eyebrows a bit. EyeTrackShop had tested and analyzed ads with various placements surrounded by identical content on a desktop, an iPhone, and an iPad. The study revealed that iPhone users (and, by extension, other smartphone users) were the least likely to see ads on Facebook, with only a 3% to 13% chance of being seen if they were located 'below the fold.'

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So why do desktop ads get more visibility than their mobile counterparts? According to EyeTrackShop, it's because desktop ads are located in fixed positions, which gives them a better chance of getting seen. The study even found that Facebook ads were actually the second thing desktop users looked at on Facebook, and that the performance of these ads had improved since Facebook introduced timeline. Mobile ads, on the other hand, were seen by fewer people, for less time, and had significantly lower recall.

Okay -- so we know that Facebook ads on smartphones are getting less visibility than desktop ads. But wasn't there a third test subject involved in this study? So how did the iPad ads fare?

Even better than desktop ads, in fact! EyeTrackShop reports that ads served on the iPad were seen by 18% more people. Those people even spent 29% longer looking at them and recalled the ads at a level similar to desktop/web ads.

To Use Mobile Ads, or Not to Use Mobile Ads ...

That is probably your question. So here's the thing. From this data, you'd infer that your ads would get the most visibility on tablets and the least visibility on smartphones, right? So maybe you'd decide to purchase Facebook ads just for tablets and desktops. The problem is, while you can purchase mobile-only ads, you currently can't purchase only tablet/iPad ads. In other words, ads that get served on tablets are lumped in with smartphones in the mobile category of Facebook's advertising platform. So while the data from EyeTrackShop's study is interesting, Facebook doesn't allow you to take much action as a result. Not yet, anyway.

Furthermore, remember that this study is only reporting on the visibility -- not the click-through rates -- of Facebook ads. So while it's good to know the difference between your Facebook ads' visibility from screen to screen, it's important to recognize that visibility and eliciting action are two separate things. Remember the report we referenced earlier in this article? While smartphone ads may have the least impressive visibility, if they're still generating 13x the clicks of desktop ads, who cares?

The only true way to ensure you're getting the most out of your Facebook ad spend is to conduct your own tests and closely monitor your analytics. If your desktop ads are performing well, but your mobile ads are floundering, mobile might not be the best investment for you regardless. Oh yeah, and cross your fingers for some smarter, tablet-only ad targeting from Facebook ;-)

What do you make of this EyeTrackShop data? Will you make any changes to your Facebook advertising approach as a result?

Image Credit: kennymatic

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