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Some people spend their Sundays in August living the high life; swimming, grilling, tossing around the frisbee. Others spend it working -- good for you, you diligent marketers , you.

If you're spending this Sunday on your computer, it's time to take a break and read up on some interesting inbound marketing content that came to us from around the internet this week. And if you're spending this Sunday gallavanting around in the great outdoors, well, good for you -- you can scroll through this content to assuage any guilt for your working colleagues, and maybe get you a little better prepared for work tomorrow morning!

10 Reasons Your Content Doesn't Attract Links From CopyPressed

Content is the key to getting inbound links ; but what if your content isn't getting the links you're sure it deserves? CopyPressed delivered this handy little checklist of 10 reasons why your content probably isn't attracting links. Things such as bad titles and unattractive page design can drag down otherwise great content -- in the links and rankings department. We especially loved their tip on taking a fresh spin on the subject matters you tackle in your content. If your post doesn't differ from the million other blog posts out there with the same keywords, nobody's going to pay attention, right? To read the rest of their link building tips, check out the full story here .

How Optimizing My Ugly Google+ Profile Pic Increased Free Traffic 35% From SEOmoz

This one comes to us from our friends at SEOmoz, telling the tale of a story that was presented at MozCon: how optimizing a Google+ profile dramatically increased a blogger's traffic. The rise of Google+ has given marketers what the author calls "rich snippets," one of which includes your Google+ profile picture. The author navigated Google's markup instructions to get his profile picture to appear in search, but to no avail -- his traffic stayed flat, and he heard of others whose traffic actually dropped. Upon investigating, he realized he needed to improve the quality of his photo. To read more about how he improved the quality of his Google+ profile picture and how that led to a traffic boost, check out the full story here .

Facebook Tests Promoted Posts in Newsfeeds of Non-Fans

Once again, we have the honor of bringing you this week's edition of "Latest Facebook Update." Facebook's trying hard to monetize with this update to Promoted Posts, in which advertisers they can now be seen in the news feeds of users who flat-out aren't fans of a brand's page. Talk about growing your brand's social reach ! Except, you know, for the whole complete opposite of inbound marketing thing. It remains to be seen if these uninvited ads will have decent click-through rates to back up their presence -- this whole thing is still in the testing stage. But if you'd like to learn more about it, check out the full story here .

Without a Strategy, There is No ROI From Brian Solis

Brian Solis published this piece on strategy, social media, and return on investment this week on his blog, and we think it's a winning read. Social media, he says, is the newest shiny toy marketers have to play with; but if it is treated like an experiment or mere plaything, it's hugely detrimental to your business. We couldn't agree more. Social media is, like every other marketing channel your business possesses, a lead generation tool . To read more about designing a marketing strategy that yields actual ROI for your business, check out the full story here .

The Best Memes of 2012 (So Far) From Mashable

Be honest. Are you as addicted to memes as we are? If so, enjoy a leisurely browse of Mashable's compilation of 2012's best memes so far. And although any see them as simply funny, time-sucking procrastination tools, remember that memes can be quick, easy pieces of content to create that your social networks will eat right up. There's nothing wrong with showing a little personality and wit online! If you want to browse Mashable's full meme round-up, check out the full story here .

Did you come across an inbound marketing gem this week? Share it in the comments!

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