Today is an exciting day. We're thrilled to announce that we will be opening our European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. 


HubSpot's Coming to Europe, And We're Hiring

We're excited to be headed to  Dublin since it's like the Silicon Valley of Europe -- it's home to the EMEA headquarters of companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. It's a city with a lot of innovative energy, and we're delighted to be part of it.

This new HubSpot office, which will be opening in January 2013, is on pace to provide 150 new jobs within 3 years.   Our Dublin office will hire aggressively in sales, marketing, account management, and support. This office will provide support for our 600+ customers and 100 value-added resellers outside the U.S.

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Transforming the Way Companies Around Europe Do Marketing

By hiring local experts who are aligned with European marketing tactics, we'll be sure to infuse this knowledge into our vision of inbound marketing, and translate that into our marketing software . We'll also be able to provide our European readers with educational marketing resources like ebooks and blog posts that will help them transform their marketing strategy.

HubSpot has been transforming the way companies do marketing for six years from our office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our software has helped nearly 8,000 businesses around the world break away from traditional marketing and attract high-quality leads using inbound marketing strategies.

Over the past couple of years, our international business has really picked up. As it turns out, people all around the world want to do better marketing. Businesses in 56 different countries around the world are now using HubSpot to create smarter marketing campaigns. This international segment of our customer base is growing 200% a year, without even having an international focus. And more than 60% of these customers are in Europe.

Providing European Marketers With the Tools They Need

We've already been building the HubSpot software with our European audience in mind, including:

Landing Pages With A/B Testing

You can build, implement, and measure a full, multi-channel campaign -- all in one place. Landing pages and forms can be built in any language, including those that use foreign language characters. HubSpot’s landing page templates also have responsive designs to optimize for different devices and browsers used around the world.


foreign language friendly forms

Contacts Database With Dynamic Lists

You can now have your marketing and contacts database in one place. Lead and customer profiles automatically adapt based on changing preferences and interactions with your company. You can then create segmented lists based on these profiles for hyper-targeted email communications.

Email Workflows

HubSpot allows you to automatically trigger personalized email sends based on a contact’s profile properties. You can choose to trigger emails at certain times of the day, so recipients receive their emails at the most optimal times, increasing clickthrough rates regardless of your time zone.

Localized SEO Tools

HubSpot’s Keyword tool lets you find and track keywords that will increase your website’s traffic and web rank. You can also edit the setting in order to get keywords suggestions and search engine optimization (SEO) data based on your specific country.


foreign language friendly forms Privacy Law Settings

HubSpot makes it easy for you to comply with the EU Cookie Directive while continuing to collect lead intelligence. You can simply install a bit of code on your site and turn on the privacy policy setting, and HubSpot will automatically add a notification to your website that allows your visitors to opt in to having cookies set in their browser.


foreign language friendly forms

Our presence in Europe opens up new opportunities not only for job applicants, but also for companies in Europe that want to create marketing campaigns that people will love . We want to make sure we're providing the best marketing software and the best services possible for our European customer base and value-added resellers, and having local talent on board will help make that happen.

If this sounds awesome to you, join us at our Dublin office . We're fired up to hire the best sales and marketing talent that Ireland has to offer.

Are you excited for HubSpot's new European headquarters in Dublin?

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Originally published Sep 26, 2012 7:25:00 AM, updated October 20 2016


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