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The marketing world moves so quickly these days, it’s increasingly getting more and more difficult to stay on top of all the updates.

It’s as if we’re moving on a never ending treadmill, constantly trying to keep up!

Well lucky for you, it’s time for your round-up of top marketing stories of the week. So slow down to a light jog, enjoy a few articles, and plan your week ahead.

By 2014, 1 in 10 Social Media Reviews Will Be Fake [STUDY], From Mashable

Do you rely on online reviews when purchasing a product or service? What if we told you that 10% of those reviews are fraud? As reported by Mashable, increasingly, businesses buy forged and unmerited five-star reviews to stay on customers’ radars. Oh, you want to bring your husband/wife out to a fancy five-star restaurant for your anniversary? Aw, too bad. It turns out that "five-star" restaurant is actually a two star grease shack where the "filet mignon" looks more like a dressed up sloppy joe. Disappointing, isn’t it? This is dangerous for the credibility of platforms such as Yelp and Google Places, but even more dangerous is the thought of what will happen to those trustworthy evangelists. Will your biggest fans find a new place to write honest reviews that help to boost your brand? If you’re intrigued (and maybe even a little ticked-off) you should check out the full story here.

Mobile Marketing Too Large for Brands to Ignore, From Social Media Today

Do you access retail content via your smartphone? It appears that 4 out of 5 smartphone users do! In fact, mobile marketing is expected to grow 38% over the next five years, with an estimated $8.2 billion being allocated to it by the year 2016, as reported by Social Media Today. You’re probably not surprised by this statistic, but it just goes to show that marketers need to be agile and constantly optimizing for mobile devices if they want to stay in the game. This shift in purchasing behavior is simply too big to ignore. So the question remains, as a marketer, what are you actively doing to prepare for this huge shift? If you’re interested in reading more interesting facts from this case study, you should take a look at the full story here.

HubSpot Releases "Gangnam Style" Parody, "Inbound Style" [MUSIC VIDEO]

At this point, you must have heard about PSY’s "Gangnam Style" song, dance, and video. PSY has been featured on The Ellen Show, The Today Show, Saturday Night Live, the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, and he recently broke a Guinness World Record for “Most Liked” video on YouTube. It had been a long time since HubSpotters created a music video, so we decided this was a great time to get back into it with "Inbound Style," a parody of PSY’s "Gangnam Style." Have you ever witnessed a group of marketers, decked out in orange jumpsuits, all doing a horse riding dance? That’s not surprising; neither had we (until we created this video)! Even David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot, and Laura Fitton, co-author of Twitter for Dummies got into it! So if you’re looking for a laugh, you should check out HubSpot’s "Gangnam Style" video here. It's already accumulated over 84,000 views! Or, just watch it right here:

Facebook Starts Letting You View and Delete Your Facebook Search History, From TechCrunch

If you think about it, Facebook is really one giant search engine. As users, we’re constantly searching for people, brands, groups, and events on a daily basis. So it only makes sense for Facebook to start focusing on this aspect of the platform from a user experience standpoint. Announced just last week, Facebook is now allowing you to view and delete all or part of your search history through the profile Activity Log, as reported by TechCrunch. Although your list of search queries are not viewable by the public, this new change proves two things: 1) Facebook is starting to give the user more control over their own content, and 2) Facebook is focusing more on the search aspect of the platform, between the new user control and its launch of sponsored PPC ads in search results. Are you interested in learning more about this update? Take a look at the full article here.

77% Prefer Email over Social for Special Offers, From ExactTarget

Would you rather receive special offers via email or social media? Well, according to ExactTarget, after surveying more than 700 consumers (ages 15+) in a 2012 channel preferences survey, 77% reported that email was the preferred channel of communications for promotion offers. This is great news for email marketers and valuable insight for learning what consumers are looking for from brands in social media. If you’re pushing too many promotional product offers via social, you might want to cool down and bring it back as a place for learning, entertainment, and engagement. Would you like to hear more about this survey from ExactTarget? You can read the full article here.

What other marketing articles did you find particularly interesting this week? Share your favorites stories in the comments below!

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