Instagram Kicks Twitter's Butt on Mobile, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week

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Autumn is here! Can you feel it?

It’s the time of year for changes all around. Not only are the leaves taking on that nice red hue, but several well-known companies in the marketing world are experiencing some big changes, too.

If you missed the message about these “big changes,” not to worry, we’ve done all the work for you. Sit back, grab a pumpkin spice latte, enjoy the fall breeze, and read about the changes in the marketing world that are unfolding before you.

Why Facebook Just Opened an Online Store, From Wired

You might’ve noticed Facebook rolled out a new promotional tool called “Offers” recently, where Facebook users can find and share discounts from brands they 'Like.' This is great news for brands looking to advertise through the platform, but there are still several steps a user needs to go through to get a Facebook fan or user to actually reach the purchasing stage. Well get ready, because this is all about to change.

As reported by Wired, “Facebook is trying to monetize common, naturally occurring behavior on its network in a way that feels more natural than other Facebook ads, like ‘Sponsored Stories’ that pop up when one of your friends mentions a business.” To keep the natural flow of the platform, Facebook has announced they are coming out with an online store, specifically meant for gift giving. Let’s be honest, do you actually remember your friends birthdays anymore, or do you just look at Facebook to give you the answer? With Facebook’s new gift platform, not only can you see who is having a birthday, but you can purchase a small gift and send it to them directly through Facebook. There is no more messy maze of Facebook post to landing page to call-to-action to purchasing page to check-out. Instead, you will see it’s your friend’s birthday, choose a gift, your friend will receive a notification on Facebook, and a package will arrive at their doorstep. Simple as that. To learn more about Facebook’s new online store, you can check out the full story from Wired here.

Hello, Europe! HubSpot’s Heading to Dublin, Ireland

This week we announced the opening of our new European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland! We're excited to be headed to Dublin since it's like the Silicon Valley of Europe -- it's home to the EMEA headquarters of companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. It's a city with a lot of innovative energy, and we're delighted to be part of it. Take a look at our this video that explains more about our European expansion:

The new HubSpot office will be opening January, 2013 and is on pace to provide 150 new jobs within 3 years. Our presence in Europe opens up new opportunities not only for job applicants, but also for companies in Europe that want to create marketing that people will love. If you’re interested in learning more, you should read the official announcement here.

What Brands Need to Know About the New Myspace, From PR Daily

Have you heard? Myspace is back in the game, and it’s prettier than ever. PR Daily admitted the benefit of this new design is that, “It can be Facebook meets Twitter, meets Pinterest, meets Spotify, meets Tumblr, meets Instagram.” The new design focuses heavily on visual content, but continues to stay true to its roots by catering to musicians and other creative minds. This is all great, but one question remains: will your potential customers be there?

If your customers are ages 18-24, then the answer is most likely yes. These folks and will be early adopters of the platform, but there’s no telling who will hop on next. Social media marketers and advertisers are certainly attracted to this new design and are curious to see where brands will fit within the model. To learn more about Myspace’s new design, you can read PR Daily’s full article here.

Instagram Now Bigger Than Twitter on U.S. Mobiles, From Fast Company

When checking your smartphone, are you more likely to view updates on Instagram or Twitter first? According to Fast Company, Instagram actually has greater pull than Twitter on mobile devices in the U.S. Does this surprise you? It was reported that Instagram has 7.3 million daily users in the U.S., compared to 6.9 million on Twitter. In addition, those who used Instagram spent 87 more minutes using the platform for viewing photos than they did reading 140-character updates on Twitter. To top it off, this is all true despite the fact that there are more Tweeters than Instagrammers in the U.S. It appears Facebook made a smart move in their 1 billion dollar acquisition of the platform. If you’re interested in reading more, you can check out the full story here.

Bing Partners With Klout, Marrying Search and Influence, From Mashable

Microsoft’s web search engine, Bing, and social media analytics company, Klout, have officially joined forces. With this partnership, Klout’s data regarding social media influencers will be incorporated into the Bing search engine, and a Bing users’s search results and queries will be reflected in your Klout score. With this connection, you’ll be able to see people you know, and then what their numerical influence is on your search.

Bing already incorporates social results from Facebook, Quora, and Fourquare into its search results, which shows you who has shown interest or created an activity based on what you’re searching. However, this new update with Klout will also show your connections’ level of expertise on the subject matter you are searching. Read more about the partnership here.

Have you come across any other interesting marketing stories this week? If so, share them in the comments!

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