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$100 million per day? That's a whole lotta moola. Are you one of the marketers contributing to that big wad of cash? Don't worry -- with smart execution, spending some marketing dollars on advertising is nothing to feel icky about. In fact, PPC in particular can be a great complement to your organic search strategy, and it can even amplify your organic results.

But if you're interested in how all that dough breaks down, the folks over at Wordstream did some thoughtful analysis and put together a very interesting infographic that highlights where all that money comes from, with an industry-by-industry breakdown. It's worth checking out. And if you want to hear something promising, when you compare these Q3 numbers to Q2, it turns out cost-per-click has gone down, and clicks and impressions are way up -- great news for marketers who are investing in Google advertising. And if you have any questions about the data, Wordstream has also published a great FAQ rundown of how the data was compiled here.

(Click infographic to enlarge.)

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Did any of this data surprise you? How do the numbers break down for your particular industry?

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Originally published Nov 1, 2012 2:00:00 PM, updated June 11 2021


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