10 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Marketer on Your List

Amanda Sibley
Amanda Sibley



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Tired of getting ugly sweaters and fruitcakes this time of year? No? Well, the people on your list (not your email list, your gift-giving one) might be. As marketers ourselves, we thought about what gifts we'd really like to unwrap. You know, aside from the traditional socks and underwear that we totally love. (Honest!)

Whether you're in the lurch and need to get some last minute shopping done for the marketer in your life, or your wishlist is blank and you need some suggestions for Santa, we've gathered up a list of our favorite gadgets that the marketers we know absolutely adore. They might make your life easier, or just more enjoyable!

And if you get a bunch of gift certificates this year -- hey, here's 14 ways to spend 'em.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Who hasn’t worked next to a noisy colleague? And with the growing popularity of the open-office concept, more people than ever are used to one noisy cubicle-mate turning into 100 noisy people distracting you from your job. That's why we love these headphones -- when you pop 'em on you can't hear anything except for the sound of the awesome tunes you're jammin' to.

bose headphomes

Source: (Bose Headphones)

Parrot MiniKit Neo

Our CEO Brian Halligan often says that his least favorite app on his iPhone is the phone app. If you're anything like a lot of the marketers I know, the phone is a necessary evil. Digital marketers often prefer to work over email so we can triage projects and needs as they come up in order of importance; and the phone, when it rings, is a kind of a nuisance that breaks us out of our productivity mode. This hands-free phone, however, enables you to check your voicemail, and make and return your calls during your daily commute to and from work. Best of all? You can do it safely, using voice commands instead of your hands. Because even talking on the phone is better than sitting idly in traffic.

parrot minikit neo

Source: (Parrot Minikit)

iPad Mini

If there's one thing designers and tech-savvy marketers are known for, it's how much they hate Apple products.

Ha. Yah right.

This redesign of the traditional iPad gives those who asked for a smaller tablet from Apple exactly what they wished for! The 7.9 inch screen allows for all the functionality and ease of use of the larger tablet, while being easier to hold, lighter, and slimmer. It's great for meetings and travel, and cellular versions make this iPad mini on the top of many Apple-junkies' wishlists this season. We can’t wait to carry this around instead of our heavy laptops. 

ipad mini

Source: (Apple)

Mophie Juice Pack Air

You know that feeling of panic as you maniacally check your personal email, work email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn every 2 minutes, all the while watching your mobile phone's battery wear down more and more? Marketers need their mobile devices, and you can help them avoid that problem -- especially while on the road -- by giving them battery cases that extend the battery life of iPhones! This one, the Mophie Juice Pack Air, is super small so you can hardly tell there's an extra case there, and it adds 36 hours of battery life to your phone.

mophie batery

Source: (Mophie)


The Powermat uses magnetic induction to charge any device you want -- that's right, it's not just your iPhone that's having all the fun. All you have to do is add a receiver to your gadget. We love that we can get rid of the clutter of wires all over our desks, and charge things on our Powermat. This is also great for business travel, when we're on our phones and tablets a lot and get stuck in places that don’t always have outlets.


Source: (Powermat)

IPod 5th Generation

We love listening to music while working, and iPods shouldn’t be forgotten about with all the new hype over the iPhone, especially this one. Apple launched a new iPod with a larger screen, faster internet browsing, and Siri voice commands. You can also pick from 6 different colors. These are great for our non-iPhone friends who still like to rock out while doing their marketing thang!

ipod 5


Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is a tablet and computer, all rolled into one. You can attach a keyboard to use it for work, or kick back and watch a movie on your couch (not at lunch though, okay?). The Surface supports Windows RT, which is an operating system made to run on mobile devices, making your experience very user-friendly. These ultra-light devices are perfect for marketers, because it gives us the flexibility and versatility we need in one device. We also love that you can pick from a variety of bright colors, for every personality.

microsoft surface

Source: (Microsoft)


Visual content is all the rage -- what else is going to get you all those coveted Facebook likes and comments? If you don't have the resources to hire a graphic designer, become one yourself with Photoshop. Photoshop lets you design professional looking images for all your marketing campaigns, and it's a great gift for anyone trying to advance their career and develop a new skill set.



USB Cufflinks

This fashionable accessory is practical, too! When you need to save a document fast, use these USB cufflinks that can hold 2GB of memory. We think these are great for the fashionable tech guy on your holiday shopping list. Hey, you can never be too prepared.

USB cufflinks



Content is an important way to draw in potential leads and customers. InDesign allows marketers to be designers and create beautiful content! We love this because we can easily make professional looking content without having to outsource it to a designer for a premium.


Source: (InDesign)

Do you see something you love that will make your life easier? If we missed your new favorite toy, let us know!

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