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Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe



Ad Age just published a new report on search marketing.  Below are some of the stats that I found the most interesting, you can also read the complete search marketing report.

  1. People ignore PPC ads 88.5% of the time - the PPC ad click through rate is only 11.5% in total.  This means that SEO is a critical tactic for reaching the vast majority of people who ignore ads.
  2. Marketers are shifting budget from outbound marketing to inbound marketing - 20% are shifting budget from print advertising and 16% from direct mail to search marketing.
  3. 31% of searches contain 4 or more words - about 1/3 of searches are for long and unique phrases
  4. 65% of marketers who do PPC ads manage less than 500 keywords in their campaigns - most companies have a relatively small set of keywords that apply to their business.
  5. There were 9.82 billion searches in the US in August 2007.  There are over 3,500 searches in the US per second.
  6. Google hired 5,000 people in 2006, doubling their workforce, and on average Google generates $950,000 in revenue for each employee it has.
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