As many of you know, HubSpot uses our Website Grader SEO Tool as a powerful viral marketing tool.  We're just passed 200,000 unique URLs being evaluated using Website Grader, and we only spent a couple thousand bucks on promotion.  I decided to assemble three viral marketing resources that you might find useful.

Viral Marketing Resources

  1. New Rules of Viral Marketing- This is a PDF eBook from David Meerman Scott, author of the book New Rules of Marketing and PR.  Download the New Rules of Viral Marketing free eBook.
  2. Marketing Edge Blog and Podcast- Recently the Marketing Edge blog/podcast interviewed me about Website Grader and some of the tips and tricks we used to make it a success using viral marketing. You can read the article about viral marketing and Website Grader and also listen to the podcast about viral marketing.
  3. Social News Marketing- This is an old blog post of mine, but it still has good info about using social news websites for viral marketing. (This article was nominated for a SEMMY award in the social media category.)

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Originally published Jan 24, 2008 12:23:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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