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It is pretty rare that we use this blog to promote anything.  I really strive to keep our blog as a free resource for marketing professionals and make it an "advertising free zone".  But today I am asking our readers a favor.  And the good news is that it costs you nothing, and it will help us continue to build our community. 

Our blog has been nominated (and received a number of votes already) for some awards in the Bloggers Choice Awards. I am hoping that you are readers will be willing to vote for the HubSpot Marketing Blog in each of these categories.

HubSpot nominated for Best Business Blog!   HubSpot nominated for Best Corporate Blog!   HubSpot nominated for Best Marketing Blog!

On another note, I thought I would share some stats as part of this post about our blog's history.  We have been blogging since August 2006.

  • We've written 195 articles averaging 646 words each, that's over 125,000 words in total!
  • The article length ranged from about 35 words to well over 1,700 words
  • The most popular article on this blog is about Google Search Tips with over 1,300 Diggs and well over 100,000 views
  • The average article gets roughly 3,500 views over time, but the median article gets about 1,600, meaning that a few very popular articles shift the average up
  • Each article gets an average of 11 comments, but again there is a broad range since one article has 175 comments - the median number of comments is 6
  • We have roughly 2,500 RSS subscribers as you can tell from the Feedburner badge at the top right of the blog

Thanks for your continued support.  It is only because of our readers that this blog has gotten to where it is today.

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