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Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe



Check out these Internet Marketing articles, they are some of my favorites from this week on

  • Consumers Suspicious of Sponsored Links ( My favorite quote: ""Prior research had noted a bias against sponsored links, but the question remaining was whether sponsored links were as good as organic links.  What our study shows is that even when the returned results are exactly the same, people still view what they thought of as the organic results as better."
  • Direct Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing (Top Rank Blog) My favorite quote "Social marketing invests in social communities with useful content/solutions as well as participation and recognition. That investment delivers long term dividends far beyond a one time promotional program using direct marketing tactics."
  • Great Examples of Corporate Twitter Use (Search Engine Guide Blog) If you are interested in this topic, you should also read How to Use Twitter for Marketing and PR.

And... here are three articles from a year ago on the HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog that you might have missed and probably will also enjoy (we have 4 times more subscribers today than a year ago).

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