Pepsi is launching a new beverage called Tava.  For a company like Pepsi, this would normally mean lots of TV ads, billboards, some radio spots, print ads in magazines, and a website.

But, for Tava, they are using a new model and focusing more on Inbound Marketing.  They have set up a website, and are also doing a lot of free samples and other creative stunts, plus some banner ads. 

What is even more interesting than Pepsi using more inbound marketing for the launch of Tava is that they are targeting a much older audience than you might think these techniques would be good for - 35 to 49 year old men and women.

Pepsi is calling their audience the "reborn digital" crowd - people that did not grow up with the Internet, but now use it as a part of their daily lives.  They also believe that there are a number of influencers in this crowd - people who blog and share and promote things to others, making it a good initial target audience.  Looks like it sort of worked on me.  I haven't even tasted the stuff, and yet I am talking about it in a blog article, even though the article is about how they are marketing the product.

I look forward to seeing a Facebook ad for Tava soon.  Read this New York Times Article about Tava for more background on the marketing behind Tava.

PS - Pepsi... I know you sent free samples to the Google offices.  We're waiting for a couple cases at HubSpot.  Our address is One Broadway, 10th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142.

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Originally published Apr 28, 2008 10:58:00 AM, updated October 01 2019