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Here are some of my favorite articles from for this week:

7 ways to get more blog comments

"Active commenting is one of the first signs that a blog has some real life - with it comes more readers, so put in the work it takes to grow this important tool." 

What is a #1 Google Ranking Worth?

"As large as Google's revenues are, more searchers click on the free / organic search results than the paid ads. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun and rewarding to create a guide to estimate the value of ranking for particular keywords in major search engine" 

Forced Continuity and Delivering an Honest Sales Pitch

"As this industry matures, I believe that sincerity would be a virtue that would be appreciated. People want to buy from someone they can trust for a second purchase. After all, it costs more to gain a new customer, than to retain a repeat buyer." 

16 Great Ways To Approach Social Media Marketing - A Beginner’s Guide

"Since the social web allows you to interact with others, create and promote content that can get links and viral attraction, you can - with the right strategy - reach key influencers using this medium. We all know what blogs alone can do, and they are pretty search engine friendly out of the box."

In addition, here are some great articles from the HubSpot "best of" archives for all of our new readers who may have missed them the first time:

The Importance of Google PageRank: A Guide For Small Business Executives

Blue Ocean Strategy: A Small Business Case Study

Understanding RSS: A Quick Guide For The Insanely Busy Executive

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