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Here are some great articles from links.hubspot from the past week:

How to Handle Negative Comments

"But what happens when you get a negative comment? One that throws you off, crosses the line or just generally seems like the person made an appearance to stir the pot? Let’s discuss."

8 Effective Link Building Strategies

"By valuable content, I don't mean simply writing about things that people find interesting or useful- your content must also be considered more valuable than what most other blogs in your niche are providing."

Targeting Conversions and Traffic with Long Tail Writing

"In practical terms, targeting the long tail is about adding descriptive words to your content. If you're targeting widgets, you already know you want to work the word widgets into your content. But have you thought about making sure you are adding words to describe things like size, color and price or actions like buy, review and sample? Good SEO writing is no longer just about creatively and subtly working keywords into your content. Now it's about targeting the long tail by adding less-searched for, yet still important qualifiers to your content."

Also, here are some useful reads from the HubSpot blog archives:

Free Advertising on Google

GoDaddy's 16-Step Checkout: Brainless Marketing At Its Finest?

Have a happy Friday!

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