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May 21, 2008

Why Leaving Blog Comments Is Not A Link Building Strategy

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Dear Blog Commenters,

There's good links. And there's great links. Then, there are links that just don't do anything for your search engine optimization.

Guess what kind of links don't help you rank higher for your keywords even when the anchor text (ie clickable part) of the link is your keyword?

Answer: The links that result when you leave a comment on our blog. They don't help you rank higher for your keywords. Sorry!

Leaving comments on blogs used to be a decent link building technique. But, it's not that great anymore. Most blogging tools started using " no follow " in the link that results when you leave a comment. "No follow" instructs the search engine crawlers to ignore that link. Therefore, when a search engine calculates what websites should rank for a given keyword, your 'no followed' blog comment link does not count.

If you're new to commenting on blogs, try it out below. Most of the time when you leave a comment on a blog - you type your name, your email address and your web address. Then, when you press publish "your name" is hyperlinked to the web address you enter.

"Savvy" web spammers, a long internet-time ago, discovered that they could enter "MA wedding DJs" and "Cheap Viagra" instead of their real name when leaving a comment. Then, they built robots that navigated the web and left comments on blog posts automatically. These spammers were pretty "savvy" and for awhile, it was pretty hard to determine whether those comments were from a real person or not. They'd say something like, "This is a great blog post. I can't wait to go back and put this advice to use. Thanks so much."

So, what happened? Bloggers and hosted blogging platforms started using the "no follow" attribute in comment links. Problem solved.

But, the madness didn't stop. There's still lots of blogs that don't use "no follow" in their comment links . ( Do Follow Directory here.) But the spam robots don't always try and figure that out before leaving those nice complimentary spam links all over the blogosphere.

But, then a crazy thing started happening. Observent learn-internet-marketing-myselfers started doing the same thing. They didn't realize that most blogs implemented "no follow". Instead of using their names, they began going by keyword monikers like "SEO Copywriting" and "MA DJ".

The great part is that they usually leave great comments.

The bad part is that we don't know who they are and it's really awkward responding to someone who goes by "SEO Copywriting".

I hope I'm not offending anyone, here. Most bloggers, including us, love comments. Instant feedback is the reason many bloggers blog. And we're honored that you respond so positively to our posts. (Negative is cool too.)

And if your name is really "DJ MA", please continue leaving comments with your name. If your real name is "Ms. Georgia Butcher" or your grandkids call you "Pa Blacksmith", and you happen to run a meat store in Georgia or an iron working business in Pennsylvania, respectively... you're in SEO luck. We're jealous of you. But, otherwise, use your real name. The internet will appreciate it.

I know I just put a hole in your whole internet marketing strategy. If you need some link building advice, give us a ring. We'll coach you a little bit in some alternative strategies and maybe enroll a few of you in our internet marketing training program. If you need a short term learn-it-myself solution, here's some link building articles .


Link Builder III.
Internet Marketing Advisor

PS. For good times sake, if you feel like you need to get it out of your system, please leave one last comment with your 'keyword moniker' instead of your real name below. Make it a good one. We might even join you for one last big hurrah!


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