6 Must Read Marketing Resources from David Meerman Scott

Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe



I'm going to bring David Meerman Scott Week to a close on the HubSpot Blog with a list of my favorite resources from David. All of these are free, no registration required, and they are all very helpful for marketers.

Don't forget, you can see David Meerman Scott speak live at the Inbound Marketing Summit on September 8 in Cambridge, MA.

  1. The The New Rules of Viral Marketing ebook.  This is a great summary of some of the best viral marketing techniques, with great examples of successful campaigns, and observations on why they worked.
  2. The Gobbledygook Manifesto will help you write press releases and other content using word people actually understand and have meaning, rather than being another "world class leading solution".  if you want to check and see if your press release has any Gobbledygook, use Press Release Grader.
  3. The New Rules of PR is a classic in the ebook world.  This is the ebook that has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people and was critical in the marketing strategy for David's most successful book to date (his new book, Tuned In, just launched).  It only takes a few minutes to read it, and you'll learn something.
  4. Online Media Room Best Practices is a useful summary of some of the things you can do to make your website media room more appealing to buyers and media alike.
  5. 8 Tips to Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral is a great article with come simple tips on how to create a video that has a better chance of goign viral and some tips on how to take a good video and make it more likely it will go viral.
  6. You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned tells you why most things you know about marketing and writing no longer apply.

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