My how the world has changed.  Before inbound marketing, people used to "buy their way in with advertising, or beg their way in with PR" (quote from David Meerman Scott) in order to reach people in their market.  As a marketer, you would spend a ton of money buying ads in media of all types because the only way to reach your prospects was to get placement in the established media that had built an audience.  Or, you would spend a ton of time (and money on a PR firm) to beg your way into the editorial with public relations.

What should you do today?  You should start a blog.  Or a podcast.  Or video blog.  Or something else.  Or all of the above.  But publish your own content.  You don't need the media anymore.  You don't need to pay for advertising.  You don't need to beg your way in with PR.  Very cheaply and easily, you can build your own media outlet.

We started this little marketing blog at HubSpot a while back, and now we have thousands of readers.  And guess what?  Now I am getting pitched as if I was in the media. 

PR Firms are Now Pitching the HubSpot Blog 

Seriouly?  Yes!  Companies (who could themselves do exactly what we have done at HubSpot) are now hiring PR firms to email me bad pitches about things they want me to write about on this blog.  Each week, I now get 2-3 pitches about some crappy, boring announcement about a CEO of a marketing company who got a new dog or something (seriously, they are all that boring).

At first, I thought that maybe these were really junior PR people that read this blog and thought I might be interested.  But after getting more than a couple of these pitches, and none of them referencing any relationship with me or even anything about them actually reading this blog, I got suspicious.  I talked to a few friends in PR at a cocktail party, and one of them was kind enough to search for me in a media database they use.  Surprise, surprise... somehow I got in there.  And now when people search on marketing blogs, they get me and an email address (lucky for me it is the general company box, not my personal one).  Here's proof:

PS - Chris Penn has been experiencing the same thing lately - see his tweet about it.

Are you a blogger?  Do you get crappy PR pitches?  Do you get any that you like?  Leave a comment below and let's discuss.

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Originally published Jul 17, 2008 1:03:00 PM, updated March 21 2013


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