Recently, MITX hosted a panel about using social media for lead generation recently, and someone asked a question about what a traditional print design firm could do to leverage inbound marketing (social media, blogs, search engines) for their business.  I captured two of the answers on video, and the common theme was "passion".

Chris Brogan a blogger and social media guy talks about how the Smart Car is a great design, and people are passionate about it, and maybe the print firm could talk about the good and bad aspects of the Smart Car design to demonstrate their design expertise.  "Good design encourages us to take an action."

Chris Penn, a podcaster and blogger, talks about how passion is important and knowing what's important to your audience.  He starts his answer by mentioning how his passion for marketing led him to start a "Marketing Over Coffee" podcast series, and he continues with some ideas of what someone passionate about design might be able to talk about.


Passion is Essential to Inbound Marketing

I agree with Chris and Chris that the print design firm needs to think about what content it could create that would be interesting to marketing people (the people they sell to).  Here are some other ideas for how a traditional design firm might use inbound marketing:

  • Start a blog with images of good and bad design and how to evaluate design from a marketing perspective
  • Blog about how to select the best print design vendor for you
  • Create a series of videos about how to get the most out of your print design firm
  • Create a group on Facebook dedicated to using print design in marketing

Notice anything?  Each of these ideas require someone at your company to be passionate about what you do, and then share their passion with the world.  Who is passionate at your company?  How do you share that passion with the world?

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Originally published Aug 1, 2008 10:08:00 AM, updated October 01 2019


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