Make Media or Be Left Out of the Conversation

Rick Burnes
Rick Burnes



Financial aid -- it's about as far as you can get from media. No way to create content in that business, right?

Absolutely not, said Chris Penn when I spoke with him at the Affiliate Marketing Summit in Boston earlier this month.

"Every business is media, and you need to be participating in media, or be left out of the conversation."

Chris is the Chief Technology Officer of the Student Loan Network , as well as founder and producer of the Financial Aid Podcast .

His podcast is a highly successful content-based inbound marketing strategy. It's introduced tens of thousands of people to The Student Loan Network, and demonstrates the marketing value of great content, no matter what your line of business.

You can hear more from Chris in the video of our conversation , posted below.

Even better, if you hurry, you can get one of the last tickets to the Inbound Marketing Summit , where Chris will be speaking on Sept. 8.


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