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Chris Brogan is a leading social media writer, thinker and practitioner. He is vice president, strategy and technology, at  Cross Tech Media , but we know him best for the knowledge he shares copiously on  his blog  and with his  14,000+ Twitter followers . We're also looking forward to his  upcoming book on trust agents .


Device You Would Never Give Up?  

Smart phone like my BlackBerry Curve

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Your Favorite Software Application?

I use Google Reader and Google Docs almost equally the most.


Blog You Read Most Frequently?

I read 700 blogs almost daily. Best guess? Seth Godin. 


Social Media Tool You Actually Use?



Favorite Business Book(s)?

Winning - Jack Welch
7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R Covey
Pirate's Dilemma - Matt Mason
Re-Imagine - Tom Peters 

Favorite Newspaper(s)?

??? Okay, maybe the NY Times / BITS section.


Person That Inspires You ?

Jeff Pulver


Who Was Your Best Manager? Why?

Debbie Millin - Demanding and deeply compassionate, all in one.


Your First "Real" Job?

New England Telephone - Installation department, in customer service. 


Where Do You Do Your Best Thinking?

Sadly, in bed, right when I should be falling asleep. 


What Do You Most Value In Employees/Colleagues?

The ability to rapidly connect ideas together and form new ones.


What Would You Like To Be The World's Best At?

Connecting people together in meaningful ways.


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