So You Call Yourself an SEO Guru? Figure This One Out.

Rick Burnes
Rick Burnes



If you're reading this post, we probably don't have to tell you that page-title keywords are a key part of search engine optimization for any site.

But how do you quantify that importance? How much impact do optimized keywords actually have?

seo chart

We want to know what you think.

More specifically, we want to know how much you think changes to page titles will affect a new HubSpot client's traffic.

Here are the details: The new client in question has almost 4,000 pages indexed by Google and a PageRank of 5. Currently, the title tag of every page of their site is the company name. They generate about 4k visitors per month now. Almost every page is an article.

Since it's a simple change they can make to their system, we plan to instruct them to propogate the title of the article to the title tag of the page. We plan to make the changes by November 1st.

How much do you think their traffic will go up in the month of December? Submit your guess in the comments or post an article on your blog explaining your reasoning with a link back to this post.

The five closest guesses to the actual number of visitors this site gets for the month of December will receive a free HubSpot t-shirt. The winner will be invited to write a guest post on the HubSpot blog, explaining his or her methodology. We'll also update this post with the winner's profile.

So, how much do you think traffic will increase?


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