HubSpot TV Episode #14 - November 7, 2008

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  1. The parrot is back! - @gboyle2011 requested that the parrot come back to the show


Mobile Promotion for a Sandwich

  2. Takeaway: Find out where you customers are hanging out and what technology they are using and target them there. Your inbound markeitng strategy is not about being on MySpace or Facebook or mobile - its about being where you can attract the most customers most effectively.

Voters Watching Online Video More Engaged in the Election, Cisco/Compete Survey Finds -

  2. Takeaway: People watching online video are more engaged. Start experimenting with online video to try and engage your customers.

Email List Hygiene -

  2. Keep your email marketing lists clean! Put a program in place to manage your bounced addresses.

US Navy Issues Web 2.0 -

  2. Takeaway: Does your company have a social media guideline? If not, coming up with one might not be a bad idea.

Election Recap - Did all that Social Media work for Obama?

  1. Visits to Obama Site Nearly Double Those to McCain Site in September - Nielsen Online shows that visitors to the web site of Democrat Barack Obama have outpaced those to the site of Republican John McCain by a nearly 2-1 margin. The firm said that unique visitors to totaled 7.9 million in September, while those to were 4.2 million. Total video streams on were 3.2 million, nearly triple the figure from August. Video streams on also increase 60% to 2.0 million. (PDF)
  2. Obama's site had a 60% rise in traffic the week before the election, McCain's had just 9% -
  3. 33.5 Million people watched the Obamamercial - 
  4. Obama text-to-Times-Sq Jumbotron Experiment -
  5. NYTimes was tracking peoples feelings -
  6. Twitter #voteReport had what people were seeing -
  7. Obama has a blog, will it continue? - 
  8. Takeaway: This election changed how social media is used and people's awareness of it. This will only increase it's value and the number of people using it. Don't be left behind.

Marketing Tip of the Week

  1. It's time for change. Dive into inbound marketing. Now (new president, bad economy) is the perfect time.  

Forum Fodder -

  1. How do you effectively launch a viral video campaign? Julie at

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