HubSpot TV Episode #16 - November 21, 2008

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1) Due to the requests of hundreds of fans, we are officially naming the parrot "Hubs"

2) @pressreleasepr - How about the pros and cons of the Magpie passive income stream?

3) @chitikaryan - If you have a page that Google ranks well, and you modify the content of that page, will that affect your page rank?


1) Monty Python takes on YouTube - -
Marketing Takeaway - Embrace & monetize, if you can't fight 'em join 'em.

2) Butterball Turkey embraces Inbound Marketing & Pizza Wars - - Marketing Takeaway - Adapt to your users, find out how they want to communicate and make sure you are there.

3) Bacon Salt makes it with people who love bacon - -Marketing Takeaway - Be creative when trying to find out where your customers are.

4) Facebook adds fee to applications - - Marketing Takeaway - Facebook application might have just become more important.

5) Would you be a magpie? - Marketing Takeaway - Remember to focus on the conversation, not the ad revenue.

6) Michelle Obama speaks out for JCrew - - Marketing Takeaway - Use every opportunity you can!

7) October Search Market Volume - - Marketing Takeaway -Can't ignore on Page SEO, it's only getting more important.

8) #MotrinMoms - Motrin's social media fiasco: - - Response ads - - Marketing Takeaway - If your campaign blows up, address it.

Marketing Tip of the Week - Be nimble.  Reacting quickly in the world of inbound marketing and social media can make a big difference.

Forum Fodder

1) Does the new Google Wiki (promote/remove) change my rankings?

2) Should I focus on more inbound marketing or sending emails?

Closing - Mike is speaking at the Harvard Business School Marketing Conference, and Karen is going to be moving into her new house.

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Originally published Nov 22, 2008 7:20:00 PM, updated March 21 2013