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Rick Burnes
Rick Burnes



On this last day of the year, I thought I'd take a look at  BlogGrader  to find the posts that have generated the most discussion on the HubSpot Blog this year.

The list, posted below, surprised me.

I thought it would be all posts about social media and Twitter. It's not. It's actually a good balance of conversations about SEO, blogging and social media.

Still, there is one thread that runs through all of these articles: They're all about getting found by customers, not finding and interrupting customers.

That's a big deal. People aren't talking about finding customers with cold calling and direct mail. They're talking about creating content, optimizing it and sharing it so that customers find them.

They're talking about  inbound marketing .

Keep that in mind for 2009.


Article  Number of Comments 
Social Media Marketing Webinar Highlights 92
Did You Graduate From Link Building High School Yet?
You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing
Why Leaving Blog Comments Is Not A Link Building Strategy
So You Call Yourself an SEO Guru? Figure This One Out.
Top 10 Ways NOT to Spend $12 Million on Marketing
State of the Twittersphere - Q4 2008 Report
Alexa Rankings Change Dramatically: Initial Analysis From 10,000+ Websites
Inbound Marketing & the Next Phase of Marketing on the Web
Plan Your Internet Marketing Strategy Before Launching Your Website


What's your blog's best conversation of 2008? Share it in the comments below, and we'll update this with our favorites later in the day.


Eric Guerin shared this:  How Twitter Can Save the World  

And Jeri Cartwright shared this:  Layoffs Can Lead To "Scorched Ego." Ten Steps To Heal And Thrive While Unemployed 

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