HubSpot TV Episode #21 - January 2, 2009

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  • Something cool to talk about on HubSpot TV would be best practices for status updates on Facebook and Twitter. There are those of us (myself included) who use the Twitter for Facebook application to keep everything in sync. But this annoys a lot of Facebook users due to the pace that I tweet (which is only 5 times a day that aren't @replies). (from Ellie: Dare I plug my own blog? Feel free to grab the content from here: )
  • Joe Mako: question for your next HubSpot TV: what is a safe place to check domain availability, to avoid front-running? I used to use "Suso's domain availability checker" : /dns/saferdomainlookup.php but it has since been taken down


Krafts Facebook apps perform very differently

Holiday ecommerce sales Flat

Facebook Growing by 600,000 Users Per Day

  • Marketing Takeaway: Facebook is mainstream. Start using it before you get left behind.

Facebook fraud in Higher Education

Google SEO Updates - Page Rank and Search Rankings

Internet Overtakes Newspapers as Top News Source

State of the Twittersphere - Q4-2008

Forum Fodder

Marketing Tip of the Week : Try to find some data you have and compile it into a report that will gain your company media/PR exposure (like the State of the Twittersphere report)


Search Engine Optimization Kit

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