Episode #22 - January 9, 2009



  • @Peterlunn - I would be interested to hear your view on the issue with many third party Twitter tools where you are asked to enter your Twitter ID and Password.


Twitter Accounts Hacked

Dunkin Donuts Launches $100m Advertising Campaign

  • http://blog.clickz.com/090102-122051.html
  • Marketing Takeaway: For the super-rich consumer companies that sell to everyone, you can spend money on crazy outbound marketing.  For the rest of us we need to use our brains and not our budgets.

Google Updates Page Rank

L.A. to Ban Billboards

Grocery Store Scanning

Where the Hell is Matt? An elaborate hoax?

Is Social Media free?

Is the economy going to affect Super Bowl ads?

Forum Fodder

Marketing Tip of the Week


Search Engine Optimization Kit

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